View Full Version : Taking the 60 fps cap off Doom 3

08-18-04, 01:08 AM
Use this command to take the 60 fps cap off Doom 3.

com_fixedtic -1

The game then definitely runs faster than 60 fps.

08-18-04, 01:18 AM
Do monsters run like crazy then ? :D

08-18-04, 02:57 AM
Thanks for finding the command works like a charm although gameplay usually dips under 60FPS as soon as you see a monster anyway, but 200FPS when nothing is around is neat to see.

08-18-04, 05:00 AM
Erm, not exactly taking the 60FPS cap off of Doom 3, more like removing the speed cap and tieing how fast the game runs to your framerate (anyone remember those REALLY old DOS games that did that?). Not to mention for a lot of people (like me and my computer) this would make the game run much slower, I was only getting 15 FPS in the final battle so turning this on makes the game run at about 1/4th it's normal speed. Though it does look increadibly cool dodging rockets and sending enemies flying in slow-motion...

08-18-04, 12:02 PM
That code keeps the player moving constant regardless of the fps.

I got that of nvnews. I think what you are talkiing about is using "1" instead of "-1". If you use "1" then the player movement will be tied to fps meaning at 180 fps the player will move 3 times faster than at 60 fps. No way would I want that.

08-18-04, 12:37 PM
Wait...how does it remove the tic limit without affecting game speed? All movement and actions are tied to the 60fps tic, if you remove it then nothing is keeping track of the game speed, and afaik there's no way to actually get more than 60fps without simply removing the tic rate. Hmm, that's wierd, I'm gonna have to check this out and figure out how it works, although why wouldn't it be like that by default?