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08-18-04, 07:54 PM
In 1 hour we shall start the Counter Strike: Source Beta and I doubt everyone is going to play without any problems. So If you could please post any problems you have in this thread it would be greatly appreciated.

08-18-04, 08:04 PM
still waiting..lol :) Hopefully I dont have any problems... I went through hell trying to acquire an ATI coupon :D

08-18-04, 08:07 PM
54 mins baby!

08-18-04, 09:03 PM
9:03pm here and still nothin...

08-18-04, 09:05 PM
ok its past 10 pm. WHERE THE HELL IS IT!!!

08-18-04, 09:06 PM
its here! time to play~!

08-18-04, 09:08 PM
yea..servers are loaded and wont let me in...way to go. Steam roxorz..::rollseyes:::

08-18-04, 09:09 PM
preparing to play!!!

08-18-04, 09:10 PM
wow its downloading the update and saying 1 hour to go =/

Edit1: now its saying 15 min :D

Edit2 : now its saying 10 min :D :D :D

Edit3 : now its saying 5 min :D :D :D :D :D

08-18-04, 09:17 PM
It froze while updating =/ Anyone else having this problem???

08-18-04, 09:19 PM
yep...did the same thing to me.

08-18-04, 09:20 PM
3 minutes left.... my friend already got in and is having a hell of a time finding a server

08-18-04, 09:20 PM
What the hell, it just shut off.

08-18-04, 09:21 PM
Gave me a server too busy error. WTH!!!!

08-18-04, 09:21 PM
i tried playing it and got all kinds of problems... got sick of it and gave up. i think i will try to delete everything i have and start over, see if that fixes anything =\

08-18-04, 09:23 PM
ok ok, I got it now. rather than delay games, valve is gonna screw us with errors that "they didnt see coming"..good way to cover their arse...

08-18-04, 09:24 PM
done! time to play!

08-18-04, 09:26 PM
A lot of people over at rage3d are complaining that they are getting a black screen when they try to play. :(

08-18-04, 09:27 PM
makes my comments more suspicious...it aint workin...least not tonight...im gonna go play with my fiance. =)

08-18-04, 09:29 PM
is source open to everyone? or?

08-18-04, 09:30 PM
10 seconds

08-18-04, 09:32 PM
NooOoOOooo. It gave me an invalid cd key error :(

Well im off to wallmart to buy condition zero

08-18-04, 09:33 PM
Anybody else getting error:

"Enginee Error: Unable to set mode. This may be a known beta bug with antialiasing. We have reset your antialiasing settings. Please try running again."

I reset my drivers to default - still same problem. 6800GT here, this stinks!!

08-18-04, 09:50 PM
this sucks.. cant join a game, cant host a game.. cant do anything. my god im pissed.... grrrrrrrrr it just sits there loading doing ****ing nothing!!!!!! omg worst beta ever

08-18-04, 10:00 PM
(fiance is asleep so I couldnt play lol....back to this damn thing)

same here jakup...i try to make my own server...thing crashes....I try to join a server...thing freezes and I have to reboot.....

"worst beta ever"

quoted for truth.

How were they able to get such a smooth process started for the cafe's but not us.