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08-19-04, 04:48 AM
wow, where to begin. i built this rig back last christmas. everything was in order, and everything was good. i overclocked my processor with a very stable and cool overclock of 200mhz fsb 2.2ghz (didn't even have to up the voltage). well, not very long ago i get a hair up my ass and decide i'm gonna hang with the big boys... i want to overclock high. so, i decide to get powerstrip to overclock my video card past what coolbits would let it do (that damn "test" it does is a POS). well, i got to 620mhz and was like "hey, save me some time, lets start at 650mhz and work our way down." bad idea. set the frequency to 650mhz, started up 3dmark03 and bewm! windows eats itself. oh yes, nothing left of the poor innocent operating system. so, i reinstall windows to fix that... everything is fine, yay!

well, i was curious as to what my ram would do. setting it to 3.2v, it seemed to be ok... for a while. i was only able to acheive a highly unstable overclock of 230fsb x 11 (2,530mhz for those who are slow at math, or too lazy). after running this for a bit, i wanted to see how things were going. i froze up soon after. i figured "must be the ram" (poor ram, i'm always picking on it... my case could get a dent and i'd be blaming it on my ram, lmao). so, i decided to up my already high voltage to my vdimm to 3.3v; along with putting a 60mm fan i had on the northbridge (temporarily holding it there). this may have been my problem, as i don't think applying pressure to the northbridge after upping the voltage of the chipset and the ram is a good idea. well, i did little more than boot into windows before i got a BSOD. it said something about the memory. i tried rebooting and acting like nothing happened, but i got a long beep then an equally long pause; repeat. i tested out the problems, and guess what? it was my ram. ok, not really. my second memory channel on my motherboard had just fried. so, i guess i could be held responcible for that, i mean, i did zap the bitch and made it sizzle. well, anyway, i had them both in the same channel (both ram sticks) and working fine. well, among this whole process of finding out it was indeed my rams fault (damn you!), i reset my cmos. well, after doing this, my left and right audio channels went out. center/sub and surround speakers still work great. nfc what's up with that... must be my ram.

anyway, i was sitting there, this time being totally honest; and all of a sudden i hear a clunk and i get an immediate BSOD. i was like oh **** what now did one of my ram sticks explode? so, i open the case, inspect for damage... after about a minute of looking, i noticed my heatsink had fallen off of the southbridge. yep, it came clean off. not sure whos fault that was, i know i shouldn't abuse the poor thing so, but that's no reason for it to fall off. anyway, it did; and i rebooted, everything seemed in order. i was safe for now. well, that didn't last long. as a side effect of no hs on the sb, i noticed my sound was cutting out from time to time :( it would still play, but it would sound like when you're holding the seek forward button on a cd (and it was indeed seeking forward quickly in songs). well, i just ignore that now. if it messes up, i just pause then play what i'm listening to.

well, later i decided hey lets download some demos. bad idea. i found out that my video card is not rendering directx things properly. of course, the only things i use are opengl, so how the hell was i supposed to know directx was screwing up? so anyway, i install the latest directx and video card drivers. it has absolutely no effect. i have no idea what to do now, next time i reinstall windows who knows what it will mess up, or how long it will take me to discover it.

anyway, i've gotten info on getting an RMA for my motherboard through DFI. i've also learned about a northbridge active cooling heatsink, along with a southbridge active cooling heatsink. i plan to apply these when i get my replacement *muahahaha*. i decided my processor was beefy, and is nice for overclocking... but it wasn't quite enough. i'm selling it to a nice guy on these forums for $65. my mom owes me $150, so i decide that's a good idea; when i sell my current heatsink/processor i will get $65, plus $150 = $215. well, there's a primative flaw with this. that's with the assumption that my mom has the money to pay me back. great, she doesn't. so, now, i'm selling the only thing in my comp that seems to be functioning correctly, lol. my video card isn't rendering direct3d, my sound card isn't even half working, and my ram is... well, it's my ram. not to mention i will be shipping off my motherboard soon for an RMA which could take several years depending on how lazy the people are. here soon, i will be holding my ram and my video card with an empty case in my lap thinking "what did i do to deserve this? where did i go wrong?" i plan on getting the xp2600 mobile with a thermalright sp-97 heatsink coupled with a tornado heatsink fan. oh yes, i still haven't learned... i'm stupid, i know.

well, anyway, there you have it. the overly exaggerated uncut and uncensored (i hope) version of my pc falling apart. not just a whine, however... does anyone here have any suggestions?

btw, do you think i'm crazy, or just underfed maybe? my pc is very valuable to me, and i can't replace it with the money i don't have if i fry it... but i must squeeze more out of it! i will voltmod my video card, i will WARMOD my cpu, i will prevail, i will hit 250fsbx10!!! is there such thing as overclockers anonymous?

08-19-04, 06:19 AM
Kam....let me explain something to you, I've been building PCs & overclocking for many years, so I know of what I speak.

What happened to you is the risk you take when you start pushing to the edge.

My advice is, if & when you get your parts back ease off the extreme OCing and voltages, untill you can afford to play like that.
Back in the 70's there was a great cop show called "Baretta". Baretta's line too all the street punks he busted was "Don't do the Crime if,
You Can't do the Time"...get my point...;)

08-19-04, 12:08 PM
Let this be a lesson, kids.

Be careful with expensive computer equipment.

08-19-04, 03:59 PM
lol, i totally understand... however, i am getting an RMA for my motherboard (and i explained the story to DFI, so they know i abused it, lol).

i couldn't be more satisfied with DFI. how many people would take a motherboard back after abusing it so? lmao.

Bill The Cat
08-19-04, 05:14 PM
Good God, man.

Dan's Data has a good article you may want to check out. How to destroy your computer (http://www.dansdata.com/sbs3.htm)

The best advice is to isolate your issues. When something goes wrong, don't barge ahead. Take your time and work things out.

08-20-04, 02:46 PM
I'm sorry to laugh, but your story was hilarious. It was really well written, too. Good work. :)

08-22-04, 04:18 PM
hehe, i did add a touch of humor to it. it seems the root of my problems has to do with my motherboard, i'm sure once i get an rma and return it, my system will snap out of it.