View Full Version : LCD Dithering/Colour Banding problem with drivers > v45.43 in 2D

08-19-04, 03:32 PM
Hey all, I've encountered a rather annoying problem with recent nvidia
drivers on my LCD monitor. Versions past 45.43 exhibit a noticable
amount of degradation in colour output while in 2D. For example, I've noticed
increased amounts of banding on contininous colour ramps and generally
poor dithering. Apart from gaming, I do a bit of photo editing and some
design work on my monitor, so this is something I cannot ignore. I don't have
any screen captures of this phenomon, but it's something that I can
also easily discern with monitor testing utilities (ie TFT test). For
instance, radiant colour pattern tests look much better with 45.43
drivers with less solid lines of colour and smoother transitions.

I'm using a Gainward 4200 (64MB) and a NEC LCD1715 (17", 1280x1024,
analoginput, 16ms response time).

Granted my monitor is only capable of displaying 16.7 million (with
dithering); however, it did not look this poor with older driver
versions. I've tried the 53.xx series, and more recently the 61.xx. They both
share the same problem. Has anyone else with a flat panel screen noticed
this, and found a way to correct it? I suspect I could tweak colour
correction settings via the NVIDIA control panel, but I haven't
managed to get anywhere.