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10-31-02, 07:11 PM
I can tell my brain is fried from work......
I came home and installed a floppy drive from work ( I hate floppy drives....only good for BIOS )

I did this b/c I need to install a new BIOS for my KT4 Ultra.....

No big deal....downloaded the BIOS and files and threw them into a "Test" directory on my boot partition...

Using a bootable floppy ( made with XP ), I boot up to the command prompt.....the only problem is, I cannot see ANY of my hard drive...Not the boot partition OR the backup!

I decided to dig-up the trusty Win98 boot disk.....same problem...

I could di things the old fashion way and just copy the BIOS file(s) oto the disk....but that is risky ( even MSI says not to )...

Am I just having a momentary spell of mental retardation ( that seems to be lasting much longer than I hoped )? :D


10-31-02, 07:23 PM
Umm.... using ntfs?

All I can think of


10-31-02, 08:03 PM
I do know for a fact that if you have an NTFS partition, like fastguy suggested, you cannot flash the BIOS from it; all that wonderful security NTFS promises has a drawback.

I really don't see a problem with flashing from the floppy, I've done it probably 5 times and never had an issue.

10-31-02, 08:12 PM
I threw caution to the wind and used the flopp....BIOS update worked fine...

I'm using NTFS.....I was having a "blonde moment"...

Thanks guys!


10-31-02, 09:12 PM
hey, I was right. Cool

11-01-02, 06:52 AM
If you boot off of the XP cd you have a choice to go into a dos prompt where you can see your ntfs particians and files.

11-01-02, 07:28 AM
If you boot from a Windows 98 disk, but have all NTFS partitions, you can flash from the RAM drive the 98 floppy creates. Just copy the BIOS files from the floppy to the RAM drive and flash away. :)

11-01-02, 10:30 AM
this might help you in the future. NTFSDOS will read NTFS partitions from the hard drives. This is the FREEWARE version so it's legal to distribute to anyone you want, but it will not write to an NTFS partion, strictly read only.

Enjoy :)