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08-20-04, 12:02 PM
When playing back video files with a FX5200 and the v61.xx drivers, the movie player seems to all of a sudden jump to 100% cpu usage and the video playback begins to stop while the audio plays but starts to stutter. This ususally happens after a you scrub through the video with the slider bar. The problem will then occur again if you try and play another video but this time immediately. If I change the display mode of the card it will temporarily correct the problem until you scrub through the video again. When I downgraded the driver to 56.72 this problem goes away. I think it is a bug in the 61.xx drivers, anyone know if there is an email address to report bugs to nvidia?

On a side note, the FX5200 SUCKS. I miss my 6800GT but I swear my old PC with a Athlon 1800+ w/ Geforce 3 runs Doom 3 faster or just as fast as my Athlon 64 3500+ w/ FX5200. :lame: Newegg ship me back my replacement 6800GT already :rolleyes2

08-20-04, 12:40 PM
anyone know if there is an email address to report bugs to nvidia?


08-20-04, 05:34 PM
I do hope the original poster won't mind if I post a problem of mine in this thread also.

I recently updated my drivers for my 5200 from 45.23 to 71.66, they work fine when installed and give a huge performance boost when I play Doom3.

Thing is when I shut down the PC and turn it back on and attempt to play doom I get error messages about Driver mis-match and issues with OpenGL, I roll back to previous version and update again and everything works fine once again. Then when I turn the PC off the cycle continues. :(

It's getting tedious having to update my drivers each time I want to play doom so I am looking for a solution.

I've tried driver cleaners, uninstalling the hardware then rebooting (I think windows detects the card and installs the old drivers automatically when I do this?)

Edit: My suspicion is that maybe some elements of 45.23 aren't being overwritten when the new ones are installed. Possibly from something called the 'driver cache'?*

Edit2: Also the other day the PC randomly booted up in 16-colour mode and wouldn't let me change the settings manually back to my proper resolution. Rolling the drivers back solved that one too. Hmm.

Any ideas?

Yours deperately,


*Google has been a little bit helpful

08-20-04, 06:58 PM
No problem here :)

But here is something I noticed. When you use the add remove programs to remove the nvidia drivers. And then you reboot, it comes back up and tries to auto install the drivers for the nvidia card that came with windows XP. I usually hit cancel but it seems to install them anyway. But I found out if I don't let that process finish and try to immediately install whatever version of the nvidia drivers I have, the install process doesn't work right. The drivers after the reboot are the windows nvidia drivers' version numbers but the nview utility looks like it is from the version I was trying to install. My suggestion is to uninstall via the add remove programs then reboot when you get back into windows and it finds a nvidia card and wants to install drivers hit cancel. Now wait. The little tray icon will come up and say something like hardware is ready to use. After that comes up now try to install the latest nvidia driver. I don't know if it will help with your problem but it is worth a try.