View Full Version : Official BF:VT WWII Mod Now Available!

08-20-04, 01:41 PM
I had no idea EA had this in the works and cant wait to see it in action. If the Desert Combat Mod was brought over for this it would be awesome with the modied BF: Vietnam play and mechanics. Go get BF fans.

Downloading now. :)

08-20-04, 03:08 PM
Didn't this mod come out before BF:V and was called Battlefield: 1942?

08-20-04, 03:11 PM
Didn't this mod come out before BF:V and was called Battlefield: 1942?

lol, exactly?! :angel2:

Liquid had a chance to play it yet?

08-20-04, 03:12 PM
Looks better, Runs better, to bad I dont have battlefield vietnam. :lame:

08-20-04, 04:28 PM
Bleh, id rather have it the other way around :|

The BFV engine is horrible. It gets choppy and mouse laggy at the worst possible time even at 1024x768 8xAF (on a 6800GT OCed past Ultra clocks). The sound engine is terrible as well. Cant hear gunfire from 20 feet away, and some cannon\explosion sounds must have been sampled in stereo because they have no stereo or 3d placement what so ever (if the sound plays, it always sounds like its right in front of you... no matter where it is).

Also, the grass looks nice but it doesnt work because of the cutoff distance.
Player 1: "Im hiding in the grass, you cant see me!"
*player 1 is no more*
Player 2: "grass? what grass? you were laying on the ground, out in the open..."

Cant say ive enjoyed BFV at all really. I prefer Desert Combat by FAR.

My gripe with the Battlefield games is that the on-foot combat isnt smooth or streamlined like Half-Life, Quake, Unreal... it feels sluggisg and it makes it irritating to fight on foot. In Desert Combat there are enough vehicles to make up for the engine's nasty on foot combat. In BFV, the main focus is fighting on foot (or dieing from helicopter attacks while on foot)... I really wish they would have redone the movement\fighting before making a game thats so focused on it.

I might download this just out of curiosity, but honestly, i didnt really like the original WW2 BF1942 that much either compaired to DC. If the DC mod switched over to BFV engine id probably play it, despite the crappier engine.

08-20-04, 04:31 PM
BTW, where did the "edit post" button go? They are all gone for some reason :|

08-20-04, 06:29 PM
Well I just tried it and it's ok. First up the sound is much better and the theam is just rocking with the new effects. Also the gun fires seem to be much clearer. Graphically its better, the tanks and planes look more detailed and sharp. However the 3 maps which they give are the jungle maps and seeing one non tree or shrub map would have been good. It defintely has potential especially for the DC mod with its better graphics and play mechanics. This mod id It for the BF fans, so if you have it uninstalled no need just for this. Still doesnt compare to RTR.


Pandora's Box
08-20-04, 06:39 PM
looks awesome. unfortunately i cant play the stupid thing cus i just got rid of my 9800 pro, and now im stuck with a geforce 2 mx 200 pci. ah well one more week and a 6800 gt will be knocking on my door step.