View Full Version : FPS game Weapon Ramblings

08-21-04, 12:48 AM
A lot of guns in First Person Shooter games are useless. For example, the MP5 (or M4 with the HD pack) in Half-Life sucks. The accuracy sucks, it does half the damage of a pistol shot and it misses constantly. The only reason I ever pulled it out in Half-Life was for the grenade alternate fire. In fact I beat basically the entire game using the Glock (for weak enemies at long range), the .357 python (for one shot kills at long or short range on weak guys) and the shotgun (for mostly everything else). I might pull out the RPG or one of the weird guns for bosses, or toss a grenade now and then, but it was 70% shotgun, 20% magnum, 10% Glock the entire game.
Duke Nukem and the original Doom were the same way. Shotgun or chaingun on anything that can be reasonably killed with them, pistol totally worthless, and rocket launcher\weird gun on certain bosses or masses of monsters.

Quake: Shotgun, rocket launcher. The nailgun sucked, the super nailgun was okay if you got surprised.

Quake 2: Shotgun or supershotgun, until the monsters got stupidly tough, at which point everything was a rocket launcher target. The machinegun was a piece of crap.

Now I'm playing Doom 3. I'm using the shotgun on everything. I have the machinegun and plasma gun and rocket launcher and grenades. I've used them maybe twice so far. The shotgun takes out anything relatively well, unless there are a bunch of monsters at once, in which case the plasma or machinegun works. Even the 'boss' monsters go down fairly easy with the shotgun, so far anyways.

My general point/question is why are there so many guns in FPS games that are basically worthless? Aside from being a complete newbie who can't aim, why would you use these inaccurate, ****ty damage machineguns or awkward superguns that have impossible to find ammo?