View Full Version : Visual C++ runtime error in several games. .

08-21-04, 02:57 AM
In a couple games I've tried I get the same error. . Something about a visual c++ error and abnormal program termination. I've encountered this problem with City of Heroes and Doom 3. It happend in win2k pro badly so I installed XP home and it greatly reduced it in COH but I cant run Doom 3 on modest settings and i have a machine thats more than capable. .the error halts the game 10 min into it tops. .I'm using the latest driver from nvidia.
And this is my hardware.

amd 64 3200
1 GB corsair xms
Gigabyte k8nnxp
GeForce FX 5950

Though some games run great like max payne 2, Theif 3, COH (now on xp) and all the UT games.