View Full Version : 6800 NU Lockups in GLut and pbuffer

08-22-04, 11:01 AM
I recently upgraded to a bfg 6800 (the non-ultra,non-gt) from a ti 4600. It was $299 at Fry's.

I get lockups when exiting most glut apps. This includes the dusk and dawn demos.

I also get hard lockups in many pbuffer/render-to-texture applications. These include many of the demos in the nvidia openlg.

I have a gigabyte ga-7vax mobo, Athlon XP 2000+, 1GB ram, running win xp.

I have upgraded to the latest bios(F14) and via agp drivers(4.53).

I thiunk I am giving up on this card/mobo combo, maybe I will try a verto from compusa.....

Wish I had enough money to upgrade to an Athlon64 mobo and the 6800.

08-22-04, 11:14 AM
Are you running dual monitors?

08-22-04, 12:28 PM
Nope. Just a sony 17" multiscan 200ES.

I am so dissapointed about this....I can't think of anything else to try to fix it though....