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08-22-04, 06:38 PM
First off accuracy in FPS games is terrible. Any random moron could shoot a pistol better than these supposedly hardened space marines can with their super laserguns. But that aside, why is sniping range in FPS games like 200'? The Rainbow Six series had fairly realistic weapon accuracy and damage, but the sniping range was still pathetically short (which is too bad, considering the book had Homer and Dieter at realistic sniping ranges - 250+ meters from the target) - which made sniper rifles basically useless, as an assault rifle would work just as well, if not better. The Delta Force series had fairly realistic weapons and sniping ranges, thanks to that voxel engine or whatever it was called, but another game with giant levels, Starseige: Tribes, had a worthless sniper rifle - it did crap damage, the projectile was slow and visible (funny, considering a laser would move at lightspeed and be invisible, unless it hit you directly in the eye, at which point it would be irrelevant because you'd be dead).
Also, why are energy guns both slow moving and visible? A laser, even in a visible light band (unlikely) would still be invisible, because all the light is traveling in ONE direction, towards the TARGET, and there is nothing to 'glow' off to the side. Also it would move ******* lightspeed, and you couldn't see it anyways. You MIGHT be able to dodge a bullet, but it's basically physically impossible to dodge a laser.

And of course there's the spiel about 'but it's just a game'. Well some of these games try to be realistic, and even when they're not, why are they always unrealistic in the same retarded ways? Why not have slow moving bullets and instantaneous, invisible lasers?

08-22-04, 07:15 PM
As you said its a game and games usually suppose to be fun not frustrating or boreing , slow visible lazer is SciFy fun :p , and youd need alot more powerfull PC to make giant landscapes detailed to fully use long range sniper rifles.... i do like realistic body damage and small arms but at the end its Kids playing game , and devs are forced to balance/gimp/ screw effects of real weapons. Becouse everyone whines... and or uses one and same gun :rolleyes:

What we do need is separate class for Mature rated games , with more realism/gore where its not suppose to be fun but rather , horrible and bloody real war like experiance :D

Oh yeah creating very high level physic engine is kinda hard , you need realy top PCs , developers greedy corporations always put Cash above anything else thats why we have crappy T rated games and PG13 movies, they target as mutch public as possible as many PC users... ect ect

Holy Smoke
08-22-04, 07:38 PM
Aye, but now that Doom3 has brought per-poly hit detection maybe we'll start seeing more one-shot kills based on hit location in games.

08-22-04, 09:14 PM
AArmy has done a pretty decent job on sniping, where they added breathing in. just breating at the wrong time without a bipod can send your aim off considerbly.

08-23-04, 09:41 AM
Operation Flashpoint has some great realism for shooting. It has extremely long distances and bullet drop.

08-23-04, 10:06 AM
Cheimison, there was an Unreal (1) mod out a long time ago called Serpentine. You'd have loved that, it had the most realistic bullet and gun physics I've ever seen in a game, including new ones. You actually had to lead a moving target to hit it, and it also allowed you to aim down the sight. It changed all the weapons to real guns and was a lot of fun, but unfortunately ended up being pretty obscure. If you still have Unreal lying around, you should check it out (http://www.unrealized.com/serpentine/index.html) here. To put the time-frame in perspective, this mod pre-dates Counter-Strike.

08-23-04, 10:22 AM
Tribes sniper rifle was instant hit weapon, you didn't have to lead the target. Plus it's very possible to see a laser. Grab a laser pointer. Granted its not a very powerful laser, but you can see the beam. Also, many sci fi settings don't use lasers. There are tons of various sci-fi "energy" weapons, phasers, plasma based, EM, etc. As LycosV already pointed out, Flashpoint games are awesome for sniping.

08-23-04, 10:26 AM
It should be pointed out that the world "laser gun" is used to describe any sci-fi gun that shoots energy-based projectiles, not actual lasers. There's a threshold for reasonable complaints about realism in games, and we've just flown past it faster than a bullet in Call of Duty.

08-23-04, 11:24 AM
and while we're on this, whats the deal with the inaccurate portrayals of demons? why are they so weak? i know that in real life, an imp (d3) would kill you in a second. how can hell expect to win if their minions are so weak that they get their asses kicked by one marine. also, why do hell knights only walk? cant they run, or even jog? with all that muscle, you'd think they could move a little faster.

Mr. Hunt
08-23-04, 01:00 PM
Because everybody knows hell knights are lazy bastards.

08-23-04, 01:09 PM
Now I object to you saying the demons would kill us instantly, get me angry enough and ill chew a path through those buggers :p

08-23-04, 02:33 PM
And I'll kick them all in the testes and run away screaming.

08-23-04, 02:39 PM
Back on topic....

I think the real answer is that most people who play FPS's play like poopy glaucoma ridden old people on electric scooters stoned out of thier minds on the evil green magical hooka weed. If more people *trained* in SoF2 then sniping and general artillery would be able to be used at decent skill level.


08-23-04, 02:45 PM
and while we're on this, whats the deal with the inaccurate portrayals of demons? why are they so weak?

All that in-breeding (thats also why they are so ugly).

08-23-04, 08:03 PM
All that in-breeding (thats also why they are so ugly).

Yeah, at this rate, here's what's going to happen in the future of gaming demons.

The past:


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08-23-04, 08:21 PM
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08-23-04, 08:23 PM

The evolution of the inbred demon knows not the meaning of terrror. :afraid:

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08-23-04, 08:24 PM
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08-23-04, 08:29 PM
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08-23-04, 08:57 PM

I think the real reason game developers completely ommit realistic sniping in gameplay is due to a couple of facts:
-real life sniping can be complicated, you have to adjust your scope for distance, elevation, windspeed and target speed before you can fire
-you have to go prone and set up the sniper riffle and are pretty much rooted to the same spot.
-if real life sniping was implemented, the sniper class would literally decimate any other armed units from long range. There is a good reason why snipers are referred to as force multipliers. Even one sniper can cripple an entire unit.

Also at such extreme ranges, snipers can be real pains. You have little indication where he is firing from and his shots cause a lot of damage (or in real life sims. kill you immediately). The only weapons you have against such snipers are smoke grenades, running for cover or using mirrors/bright light etc. (which is kinda silly I reckon).

Imagine in Far Cry those sniper dudes shooting at you from 800m-1km away.

If I am not mistaken Full Spectrum Warrior and Americas Army allow for a realism mode where each shot is deadly, flash bangs at close range do damage and the smoke grenades take 4 minutes to start off etc.

08-23-04, 09:05 PM
Well, in real life Snipers are friggin gods. They're in much better shape than the other guys have to be (possibly elite CTs and SpecOps aside), their accuracy with anything is unholy, they're stealthy as Hell and smart sons of bitches. Even the capacity to ever become a sniper depends a lot on genetic good luck.

But just the same, if a game is going to implement the pseudo-sniping, there is no reason to implement all these PSG-1s and WA2000s. An M16A2 on semiautomatic with a 2x magnification optic would easily do the trick, or an AK-47 for that matter.

Sniper rifles themselves are just flat out superior weapons. Aside from their bulk, they're essentially assault rifles retooled and hand crafted into perfect form. The PSG-1 is, piece for piece, little different from a G3 rifle, but the care and precision that goes into making them improves the accuracy a lot.

08-23-04, 09:31 PM
I did A LOT of accurate one hit sniping in Far Cry with the rifle. The rock launcher mercs in Far Cry gave me some pay back from time to time, arseholes that they are.