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08-23-04, 01:20 PM
Hi guys im kinda a (newb) to the forums so give me a break! I was wondering which AIC is the best for the 6800 ultra! Here is a list that i took off of nvidias website:

Aopen America, Inc.
ASUS Computer International
BFG Technologies, Inc.
Chaintech Computer Co. Ltd.
eVGA.com Corporation
Gainward Co. Ltd.
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Leadtek Research Inc.
MSI Computer Corporation
Palit Microsystems, Inc.
PNY Technologies, Inc.

I have had a total of 4 nvidia cards now. 1 was prolink and it was awful, 2nd was an nvidia which was good, 3rd was pny which broke so now i hate pny, and 4th was evga which i think is really really good (its a 5950). Ive been looking at benchs, reviews, etc and have narrowed the list down to:


Im probly gonna pick from one of these unless convinced other wise :)

The things that i have seen so far is that MSI is having a problem with theres so i might not wanna go with them, the asus dosnt over clock well and has higher temps, the evga was having a problem but was fixed with new bios for the card, the bfg is okay but the OC didnt make a diff because the evga can go farther than it, the albatron did good compared to the asus, i hate pny so im not getting one of theres, and gigabye i know is just pretty cool.

Im also leaning towards evga because of there step up program i can upgrade to PCI Express for only the diff in price. But that leads me to the second thing to consider which price is not a factor, nor warrenty. Also cooling dosnt matter either because i am going to be ordering a danger den 6800 water block for it!

Basically i just want the best card with best OCing! THANKS GUYS! :)

08-23-04, 01:39 PM
I've heard that asus, leadtech, and gainward are all using 2.0ns DDR3 in their 6800 ultra cards.

I can not confirm that, but I can confirm that eVGA is using 1.6ns DDR3.

I am very happy with my eVGA and I highly recommend them.


08-23-04, 01:40 PM
I'm very happy with my BFG Ultra OC. The true lifetime warranty can't be beat. :D

08-23-04, 01:45 PM
First off no card makes a better ocer than another (unless you get an ultra with 2.0ns ram that would be a bad oc'er), that said I was lucky my BFG can do about 430/1150 that dosen't mean all bfg's can. Overall as a company I like BFG better than most others, although eVGA is also good and theay always use nvidia reference design.

edit: You could also get one of those wattercooled bfg cards becaus then you are shure to get atleast 470 out of the core, probaly more with a better watter cooler.

08-23-04, 01:48 PM
Hey guys,

Are there any known cases of BFG Ultra's with 2.0ns memory?

What I'm basically trying to find out is if the 2.0ns thing is card manufacturer related or not.


08-23-04, 01:57 PM
well the danger den block is better than the BFG one cause it covers the hole thing..memory and all... of coarse i want with better so which card willl give me that! I just read a review on the MSI one and it looks REALLY GOOD! they said they got it to go faster than the extreme edition... but i also read an article that said they have a problem! help!

So do i want 1.6 or 2.0?

08-23-04, 02:07 PM
Even with a waterblock, there is still no guarantee that you would be able to achieve exceptional clock frequencies.

08-23-04, 02:09 PM
You want 1.6

Also your statement that evga clock farther then BFG OC is mistaken. BFG's bios has the default at 425. I believe evga also default to 425. As far as overclocking ability...just because evga offers an Ultra extreme at 450 doesnt mean BFG's cant do it either. Ive got a BFG ultra OC and it can do 459 on the core with stock air cooling. Paying an extra $50 for the evga ultra extreme as compared to buying an ultra isnt worth it since the vast majority of ultra's can overclock to 450 or better anyhow without water. Yes, getting a water block will definetly improve overclock ability on ANY vendors ultra. So if your gonna put a waterblock on it, why spend the extra on an evga ultra extreme? Either get an evga ultra or a bfg ultra. Btw, my BFG's memory goes up to 1280 on the memory. Thats quite a bit of good overclock there and is 1.6ns
Warranty is something that some ppl consider important(BFG has the best...true lifetime...evga does not). But if you put a waterblock on it, you'll void the waranty regardless of what brand it is unless you buy the BFG one that already has a waterblock on it.

08-23-04, 02:10 PM
My experiences with BFG for a few years now have been very positive. I have seen them back up their lifetime warranty here with fellows that occasionally post. Their products are great and so is their customer/product support. Add to that a real life time warranty.

I could be wrong, and my understanding is stock evga ultras are 400 on the core.

08-23-04, 02:16 PM
alright guys thanks alot for such quick responses... i know alot of you guys like the bfg and stuff but i guess ill go with the eVga because of past ocing experiences and customer support.. I also really like the hole step-up thing so i dont have to pay another 500 just for pci-e.... would go with bfg but even though its oc'ed outta the box.. i dont care... im just gonna oc mine anyway. And i like the DD waterblock way better. Also i was never considering getting the EE edition kahloq... all i said was the msi went beyond it... damn i was looking forward to getting an msi but that one article i read said they might have to do a recall or something... anyways thank for the help and i hope to be getting my evga... anything else i should know? i have a 550 antec true power so thats not a prob..

08-23-04, 02:28 PM
msi is my biased choice, i saw an article on here not long ago that said msi clocked higher than the bfgs

08-23-04, 02:29 PM
I'd go with BFG or eVGA.

ASUS really blew it this go around IMO, they don't even have a 6800GT part.

08-23-04, 02:39 PM
hey. i have the same dilema.
i wanted the albatron, since they are the only ones that have their own PCB (here anyway), but i really like gigabyte for their products, so i managed to find one.
still not sure which one to buy though....
but here's the thing, one place showed the gigabyte ultra has 1.6ns mem and one said 2.0ns....
choises choises...

08-23-04, 03:01 PM
yeah the only good thing about the asus is its size... the albatron did pretty good this time, but that one article i read made me not want an MSI... still stickin with evga

08-23-04, 03:02 PM
I could be wrong, and my understanding is stock evga ultras are 400 on the core.

eVGA = 425/1100 for both 2d and 3d clocks.

The memory eVGA uses = 1.6ns on their ultra cards, so it is designed to run 1200 MHz as per Samsung's specifications. In reality any ultra that uses true 1.6ns ram should do 1200 MHz without a problem.

2.0ns on the other hand is rated at 1000 MHz. If you purchase an ultra from one of the vendors that is substituting 2.0ns ram in place of the standard 1.6ns ram then you are unlikely to get much more out of your ram since it is already operating at a 100 MHz over-clock.

BFG may have the best lifetime warranty, but eVGA supports their warranty like no other company in the business. They offer next day air cross shipping and they have the step-up program to allow you to trade in your card at full retail value for 90 days. I highly recommend them.


08-23-04, 03:07 PM
I hadn't heard much about Prolink here in the USA but I got a Pixelview 6800 Ultra from Newegg clocked at 425/1100 and I am quite pleased with it. I can't get much on the core above that with the stock cooling that is 100% stable but I am running the memory at 600/1200 without any artifacts.

08-23-04, 03:12 PM
jus look at that cooling and bundle!

08-23-04, 03:16 PM
You want 1.6

Yup, that I'm aware of.
I simply wanted to know if there's any chance of my BFG card to come in with 2.0ns memory.

08-23-04, 03:19 PM
yeah my 5900 prolink died out on my last year and there tech support is awful... and since im placing a waterblock on it i could care less about cooling. When i do get the water block and stuff what should i shoot for when overclockin... ive herd storied of 480..

08-23-04, 05:00 PM
I would go with an XFX or Leadtek myself. The XFX and Leadtek cards are usually some of the top overclockers. XFX was the first to get out a 6800U and it was clocked at like 450/1200 if i remember correctly. They have since dropped the speeds down though.

08-23-04, 05:07 PM
Funny to see this thread. Same stuff is getting asked for on ATI cards as well.
There is no better OCing brand. Believe it.
All those brands get their GPUs off nvidias hands. Until recently they all used the original reference design by nvidia. What leads you to the assumption that one brand would OC better than the other? The only thing that really differs could be the bios. Guess what: You could flash the "good" bios on the "bad" cards.

The only brands that are bad overclockers are those that really use 2.0ns RAM on their cards Avoid them. The other speculations are BS.
Just because one EVGA GT OCed to 440 doesn't mean they all do. It's a matter of luck. No chip is the same. There's good ones and bad ones.

Edit: Of course this can differe slightly since new cooling solutions arrive. If you can find a card with a silencer 5 on it it most likely will OC a few mhz more.
A real OCer changes cooling before OCing anyways to reach the max clcok possible.

08-23-04, 05:42 PM
There is no chance of getting 2.0ns memory on a BFG

08-23-04, 07:14 PM
You want 1.6

Paying an extra $50 for the evga ultra extreme as compared to buying an ultra isnt worth it since the vast majority of ultra's can overclock to 450 or better anyhow without water.
Just wanted to take a minute and say that I disagree on this point. EE clocks are 450/1200, Ultra being 400/1100, and GT being 350/1000. Going from GT to Ultra is $100 difference, and it's the same clock differences as an Ultra -> EE. 90% of the GTs will do Ultra speeds(mine closer to EE, rare as it is). And you're looking at $100 upgrade vs. $50. In my opinion it's actually a pretty good deal if you can get the EE for $550, not buying it off Ebay. And it's always better to be able to keep your card warrantied.

eh, took too long with that, forgot to stay on topic. I've found EVGA to be the most reliable company, followed very closely by BFG in recent years. I've gotten 3 cards from EVGA now and haven't had a single problem yet and their 6800 Ultras seem to be performing very well. And as I understand it, their clocks aren't set at 425, they have dynamic overclocking where the average clock is 425 - 430. At least that's the way they were shipping when they first came out.

08-24-04, 12:02 PM
yeah well i dont feel like waiting for an EE... so as soon as evgas web site has them not backordered im gonna order one... there only 500 dollars there... as apposed to 600 most other places.

08-24-04, 12:10 PM
Yeah, I was just saying that $50 wasn't that bad of a trade off for the clock differences you get. Availability is absolutely horrible and the only way to get them is to enter for the weekly drawing. And if they do go on sale, the prices will probably be hiked up substantially.