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08-24-04, 05:43 AM

this a good reading material for all of us.
and in my opinion it says what many of us (gamers - not fanboys) are thinking.

note that this is not an ati/nvidia bashing, it's more like valve bashing.
pls read the hole article before responding, cuz i read other ppl in other threads write something like: the 3 sentence really piss me off!!! o something.

be objective.
nice reading. (mag)

08-24-04, 08:55 AM
Very good article. They were right "Shader Day" was BS. ATI/Valve in a way should apoligize to Nvidia and even the consumers. They gave Nvida a big blow which then had alot grasping at straws and alot of consumers feeling as if there purchase was crap. But more so they made alot users anticipating HL2 plunk down $500 for a card over one game that was not released after this much publicized event and hell even made jakup destroy is Nivida case sticker. And I know we are in a new generation of cards but I hope reveiwers put the 5900 up against the 9800 line like they would a year ago. Very interested to see what a year a difference make.

And I said last year and I will again, I do not think HL2 was delayed because of code theft or not being done but because HL2 had no real competition and they didnt want DOOM3 or another game being released a year later to over shadow there technology. :spam2:

08-24-04, 09:26 AM
It really is nice to read an article by someone who acknowledges the fact that most gamers will actually want to play BOTH games. I completely agree with the author - this developer/hardware maker partnership crap is gonna do nothing but vastly decrease the value of 3D hardware for the consumer. I don't know about you guys, but I didn't buy my 6800 GT to just play Doom 3. I want it to play Half-Life 2, Quake 4, and whatever else is released during its lifespan. I'll be getting World of Warcraft when it comes out, and I know I can trust Blizzard to not screw me over with stupid code optimizations for specific hardware. I do buy more than just one type of game every year, after all.

If developers would just stick to the damn standards and hardware manufacturers would design their products to conform to them, we wouldn't have to worry about this. However, I do think it's a bit premature to make any judgements. Half-Life 2 isn't even out yet, probably won't be out any time soon, and when it does come out will most likely run extremely well on both video cards. Hell, the CS Source "stress test" doesn't appear to be stressing any video cards. I'm more than happy to play Half-Life 2 at 1600x1200 with no FSAA and 8x anisotropic at over 60fps. You won't see me complaining.

08-24-04, 12:13 PM
the stress test only really tests the GPU. For example, I get about 70 fps on the stress test with my current setup and settings..

In the actual CS:S game, I get about 60-70 fps too, just walking around.. however, throw a few people firing, and it drops down to 40-50.. When we have the whole team rushing, against the other team that predicted our rush, I've seen it drop down to 15 fps!! This is like 8 CT vs 8 T's in the same room, all firing, and grenades and smokes flying all over the place... I'm now happy that I'm getting my 2.6HT replaced with a 3.4, cause that should help out during those CPU bound times.. (I have 1.5 gigs of ram so there's no HD paging issues)

So overall, I think its about where it should be.. I predict in the HL2 single player, throw in a 4 or 5 enemies/NPC's fighting on the screen, in a real game env, we'll probably see fps close to half from avg.. A reasonable balance between CPU and GPU loading...

08-24-04, 12:57 PM
yeah, but the point of the article wasn't about hl2 as a game, but about valve as the company that screw over their own fans, and about what this could mean to the whole gaming xperience if this will be a trend now. we dont care if ati runs hl2 better, cuz it really isn't that much od a difference. if i pay 500$ on a vid card than i want to feel that it can live up to its value. what ati did wasnt very nice, but buiseness is buisness (??), and this is how the game is played.
lets just hope we dont see this kind of stunt being pulled again...

08-24-04, 11:43 PM
Great article.. I know I bought my card to run anything coming out in the next 1-2yrs, be it based on the Doom3 or Source engines. Makes me mad about the whole marketing scheme that Valve/ATI cooked up to make them loads of cash. Knowing full well that among the enthusiasts, a huge percentage would buy the next-gen hardware regardless if they bought a 9600/9800XT to play HL2 in all its glory.. I'm not saying that nvidia didn't cash in with the Doom3 benchmarks, but Valve definitely mislead the public to go out and plop down $400+ on a new ATI card in anticipation of HL2s imminent release.. And here we are nearly a year later & we still don't know for definite when the damn game is coming out. The whole situation makes me sick..

08-25-04, 05:05 AM
the whole thing smells.
but at least id didnt make any grand comments about nvidia or ati. they were objective. valve are not.
get the frigging game out already!!!