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08-24-04, 11:27 AM
Athlon 64 3200, Gigabyte K8VT800M motherboard
512MB PC2100 RAM
SB Live
Nvidia 6800/Radeon 9800 Pro
Maxtor HDD 40GB
Optical Mouse
400WT PS

Problem: When I play game Operation Flashpoint - computer randomly shuts down. I mean shuts down, not even rebooted. First screen goes black, and several seconds later computer shuts down as if I pressed the power button.

This problem is really bugging me. Sometimes it takes 80+ mins for this problem to occur or sometimes it may happen in first 10 mins.

Here is what I did so far to fix the problem: Changed video card from R9800Pro to Nv6800 - problem persist. Changed Sound card from SB Live to onboard AC97 - still having problem. Changed memory from PC3200 to PC2100 - same problem. Installed numerous mobo drivers, Hyperion 4in1, and AMD64 processor + AGP drivers = NOTHING WORKED SO FAR!

Here is another suprise: I can play all other games like DOOM3 - no problems, can play for hours - STABLE 100%...but when I load Operation Flashpoint - computer shuts down..

Some said that it might be Power Supply, but are you all sure that 3yr old game like Operation Flashopoint requires more power than DOOM3 ?

If I put my Geforce3 ti-200 back instead of those video cards - I will not have computer shut down - everything works like a charm...

I am very confused at this point...Tried playing with BIOS like changing AGP Aperture size, installing BIOS version F5 - nothing seems to be solving my issue..

Ran memtest86 (floppy version) for about 12 hours, did not get any errors...and yes, memory is generic PC2100


08-24-04, 12:51 PM
it doesnt matter how old a game is for your psu to give out-it goes based on how much juice your pc is using. Seeing as you put a lower psu requiring g3 ti-200 into your system and things stay stable, I would assume it IS your power supply. If you are using a 6800nu, your gonna want AT LEAST a 350 watt psu, from a decent company like enermax or antec....dont buy a cheapo cuz you'll end up with the same problem. IMO I say buy a 400 watter...then you have some lee-way.

I know u have a 400 watt now, but what brand is it and how old is it?

08-24-04, 12:56 PM
Ultimate's right I'm afraid. The basic thing that makes your PC shut down is that the PSU can't deliver a strong enough signal consistantly enough. When the power fluctuates down the Motherboard and CPU recognise this as a Power Off instruction (the signal goes LOW or ZERO/OFF as opposed to HIGH or 1/ON).

No doubt about it your graphics cards (r9800 and NV6800) both require more power.

Oh and as an addition to what Ultimate17 said make that 400WATTS is AVERAGE POWE R OUTPUT and not just the peak value :)


08-24-04, 01:22 PM
Power supply is LinkWorld PowerLink 400WT MAX... I plan on buying Antec true power 450WT or 480..dun remember...I hope that's the problem...

but it's very odd...even when I remove my SB Live it still shuts down..I thought that taking out SB Live would reduce power consumption and give some extra power to PSU...and Geforce3 ti-200 works perfectly cuz It doesnt have power connector so PSU is might be the case...

anyway, if someone esle had this problem and solved it - please help and in about one week Im gonna buy new PSU and will let ya know if it helped.

Thanks :)