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08-24-04, 12:05 PM
Hi Guys,

sorry for the length of this but I wonder if you can help me. I originally posted this thread


well in the end I RMA'd both cards asking for a replacement on the BFG. Today the replacement arrived. After installing the 61.77s on initial boot up it seemed to be much better no Bios or Windows screen corruption but I spoke to soon. On the windows profile screen I noticed an odd pixel artifact here or there flashing like with the first card but no where near as bad. Into windows and the artifacts are a bit worse. I get the odd screen black out and freeze but always recovers (sometimes with the Windows Recovered message). The occasional reboot but not as often as before. Trying Farcry sometimes crashes during loading screens (Crytek etc..) and if manages to get to the menu the demo loop (in the background not menu) freezes badly, then runs for a split second before freezing again. Haven't made it to the point where it gets near the waves yet! Music keep playing and there are Artifacts visible. Eventually the PC reboots although you can avoid this by Ctr-Alt- Del and killing Farcry.

If the screen has lots of text like this forum then the artifacts get so bad it is impossible to read. It does refresh from time to time when clicking (wierd?) but as you scroll it gets worse again

I have tried:
Different Drivers - inc new 66s betas all have same behavior
Different Power arrangments - have had 2 dedicated, 1 dedi one split to the card
Downclocking - Using coolbits it fails all tests asking to lower, getting optimal settings always reboots PC. RivaTuner - fails all tests with please downclock further
Removed Audigy2 completely with no effect
Disconnected DVD and CDRW drive to test if power but no luck.

Card isn't getting above 60 degrees but it may be that it isn't running long enough to build up, idle sits at 52C core, 40 ambient, don't thing it can be heat though as happens straight on bootup into windows

Running DirectX test get some artifacts but are successful

Card came with Bios (quite a new one?). Fastwrites seem to be enabled (greyed out in Rivatuner as enabled) but I can't try turning them off as I have no option in the Bios.

I was about to give up but at least this time I might be able to try some of your ideas before the PC crashes! Many thanks in advance.

08-24-04, 01:14 PM
well what is your motherboard firm? in many cases if you press a combination of keys u get to see an "dvenced option" in the bios screen. on my gigabyte mobo i press ctrl-F1 together to get the options including fastwrites. try looking in your mobo manual for clues.

08-24-04, 02:02 PM
im sorry :(

Buys BFG and makes a RMA ....


08-24-04, 03:24 PM
Can you try turning off Fast Writes using Coolbits?
It should be under AGP Settings.