View Full Version : Geforce 6800NU or 9800 pro + ram???

08-24-04, 05:03 PM
Ok ive narrowed my decision down to two options. (i don't want to spendmore than $250-280)

Current system:

amd xp 2600+
epox 8k5q3+ KT333
Kingston 512mb ddr 2700 ram
Geforce 4200 64mb (sold on ebay)

I have to upgrade my graphics card and was wonderif which option makes the most sense for D3, hl2, star wars battlefront, ut2k4, tribes vengence.

Option #1: 9800 pro + 512mb addition ram for system (giving 1gig total)

total = $200 9800 pro + $75 ram = $275

Option #2: 6800 Non ultra

total = $275

I have about a week before I purchase. Please help!


08-24-04, 05:06 PM
Id go with the 9800 pro only cause more and more games require 1 gig to play smoothly and no matter how much faster the 6800nu is, stuttering will drive you insane

08-25-04, 04:28 AM
I personally would get the 6800NU. I've personally played games like UT2004 and Bf1942 for countless hours on 512mb. Many people say these two games need 1 gig to run smooth. I dont beleive this to be true. When I upgraded to 1 Gig the only noticeable improvements were exiting the games the desktop would come back a lot faster and levels would load faster. In game where it matters though there was no improvement.

Also PC gamer said they didnt really notice any difference going with more than 512 in D3.

The 9800Pro is a very nice card and would be a big upgrade over what youre using now. But I just dont think its a good investment. You'll be wanting to upgrade that card pretty soon.

So anyways I would get the video card now and then upgrade your memory down the road when funds allow.

Your call. Have fun upgrading.

08-25-04, 06:24 AM
Enjoy your upgrading time! i would personally get a 6800nu. you can get the other 512 of memory at a later time, just watch the forsale/trade forum here, people get rid of ram all the time. and the 9800pro is good, but the 6800 has features you'll never see with a 9800 pro (sm3.0, ultrashadow II). besides, with the 6800, you get 12 pipelines and not 8. so thats a reason all by itself. i dont know if it matters, but i had a 9800 pro till recently and i got a 6800le which i flashed to a 6800nu. it is awesome! the improvement is just ridiculous.