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08-24-04, 07:49 PM

I'm just about to move in to a house shared with some of my friends. There's six of us in total and I've just got a 1Mb ADSL connection for the house. Now I want to have a wireless connection from all the computers to the ADSL, and I was wondering how to go about it because every guide I have read just confuses me.


This is what I want. I don't want or need any networking capabilities between the PCs. I just want all the PCs to be able to connect to the ADSL equally. No central server PC. No preferential PC.

Now what I am confused about is that I have 6 PCs. So what sort of router/switch/modem do i need? I have no hardware at the mo. I already have a wireless NIC in my PC that is 802.11g compliant but other than that nothing. Its the 2, 4 or 8 ports thing that confuses me. If I get a 2 port router/switch, can I only have 2 computers connected to the internet? Am I just confused in general?

Any help would be appreciated.

If anyone is feeling really helpful, would you mind telling me what the cheapest wireless router/modem/switch is on this page that will fulfill my requirements.

EDIT: Whoops. Forgot to put the page

http://www.dabs.com/uk/templates/Channels/ProductResults/ProductResults1.aspx?NRMODE=Published&NRORIGINALURL=%2fuk%2fchannels%2fhardware%2fmodems andadslhardware%2fproducts%2ehtm%3fcatid%3d131&NRNODEGUID=%7bCADF940B-BC90-40CC-9610-2BD0131A3336%7d&NRCACHEHINT=Guest&catid=131

08-24-04, 08:10 PM
Virtually any wireless router on the market does what you want. The router acts as a firewall between your six clients and the outside world. Typically an uplink Ethernet port on the router goes to the ASDL "modem," and the wireless connections are behind a type of firewall called "NAT translation." If your wireless router includes a "switch," then you will also have wired Ethernet connections behind the firewall.

By default, wireless routers make all wireless clients into peers as far as access restrictions. Access restrictions usually can be set differently for wired and wireless clients, and for specific MAC addresses, but this isn't usually turned on from the factory.

Peer-to-peer connectivity depends on the firewall settings for the clients, not usually on the router settings. For example, you can run a software firewall to protect your PC from your roommates' PCs, but a typical wireless router won't protect your PC from your roommates' PCs.

These features are common for the wireless routers I've used from Apple, Linksys, and Asante. It's likely these features hold true for other brands, too.

08-25-04, 03:22 AM
Okay.... so I'm just gonna go ahead and buy something and try it... and if anything goes wrong I'll blame it on you :lol2:

Thanks for the info.

08-25-04, 04:04 PM
Get 8 port Linksys Router and your set ;)

08-25-04, 10:05 PM
If I lived there, I would try to figure out how to drape a cable around to get my own wired connection too..