View Full Version : Unreal 2 pushed to Jan. 2003 release

11-01-02, 10:41 PM
i see that unreal 2 has been pushed to jan 2003 release date now, guess we have to wait longer to play.

11-02-02, 05:37 PM
back by a whole month? oh no!

nah, i dont mind atall... just so long as its worth the wait (it was originally set for Feb '02)

besides, next month or two would still be a bit too close to UT2k3


11-04-02, 07:17 AM
The first time I saw the flamethrower screenies for unreal 2 I needed new pants. :D

11-04-02, 08:35 AM
what am i saying? no, i cant wait for this game!!
i was eagerly awaiting this game this time last year and still no show...

i think my heads gonna explode :eek:


11-04-02, 09:12 AM
i bet you they are almost done with it..just finalizing everything..they're just waiting a little bit longer so they don't release it so close to ut2k3.

11-04-02, 10:18 AM
Here's a I obtained a while ago... for those that have seen nothing from this game...

BTW: Does this use the exact same engine as UT2K3? Or are there additional tweaks? ...I've been waiting since the Aug. 2001 issue of Maximum PC for this game to be fully realized...


<unreal 2 didn't come out yet did it!>

<I posted an illegal screenie, sorry>

11-04-02, 10:26 AM
Pretty much the same engine as UT2003 - maybe a few builds more advanced...

It will still have Karma, but in addition U2 will use that fancy new Lipsync system for talking characters etc.

mind you, the game might well be pushed a little further than they did with UT2003 - massive environments and so on.

man i cant wait - ive been waiting for so long now to get my teeth stuck into a good solid single player FPS game. :)


11-04-02, 10:33 AM
oh yeh why not? lets just take it to the next millenium!
**** them

11-04-02, 02:07 PM
no matter how you look at it, missing the Christmas season is not a good idea. this is probably the one game i'm looking forward to besides Doom 3 too :(

at least now i don't look as crazy as i did before when i said Unreal 2 would never make it out this year.

The Baron
11-04-02, 04:10 PM
and you think U2 will make it out before June? :p

If Doom 3 lives up the hype and is essentially Half-Life in Hell.... DUDE!

Nothing will beat it.