View Full Version : hidden and dangerous 2

11-01-02, 11:02 PM
anyone think this game will be any good?( i never played the 1st one)

11-02-02, 05:05 AM
I never played the first one either, it did get good reviews, although the game was very buggy. I would like to see what comes of this game, but I fear from Nov 15th all my gaming time will be taken up by Ravenshield (http://www.raven-shiled.com) demo is now coming out on Nov 15th, full game early Feb 2003.

I remember seeing some screens of H&D2 maybe a year ago or maybe just the new engine, but still it looked nice, nothing fantastic, a bit like Mafia I guess, but I am still keeping an eye on it.

11-04-02, 11:24 AM
Dunno, I guess its a matter of taste, alot of people love the first one, but I hated it, boring, buggy and way to hard :D