View Full Version : Problem with FX5900 XT

08-26-04, 10:11 AM

I have a Leadtek FX5900 XT 128 mb with a 3.4 ghz machine and 1 gig ram. When I first switch on the pc and play a 3d intensive game such as Vice City or Knights of the Old Republic the screen will flicker white for a couple of times before the textures in the game become messed up or (in the case of Vice City) crash the game completely. If I then restart a game it runs flawlessly for the rest of the day with no crashes! Obviously this isn't a big problem as the games are fine after the initial crash but it is annoying and I would be grateful if anyone could suggest what's happening. (p.s. I'm using the latest nvidia drivers and the card is not overheating).

08-26-04, 10:14 AM
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