View Full Version : EBworld now says Hl2 ETA ..release nov/1/2004

08-27-04, 12:32 AM

have been following the release dates of EBworld of latests games, it seemed to me weird that they had Hl2 just last week ETA for sep/1/2004 (when valve were suggesting a SUmmer release), so i checked again this week if their dates will be updated or not. (just like i did with Doom3) . when a game is close 1-2 months to be released usually EBworld.com estimates of release date are VERY!!! accurate. just weeks earlier than idsoftware official announcements of DOom3 gold ,Ebworld /gamestop.. already had those dates by "coincidence" .their dates were ~AUg03 both..
there is no magic here ,coincidences ,nor guess.. their dates comes from the PUblishers of the game, (the ones that supply the game to retailers).

Still no Gold announcement from valve.. but we have a benchmark in a beta state ,showing Hl2/CS performance. my bet is that Hl2 will not be earlier than early Christmast 2004 at retail if they still find bugs in their code . the Gold announcement should be made at least 1month earlier . so wait for mid september if no gold announcement is made by that time ,there will be no Hl2 until December 2004 in the best case.

08-27-04, 12:37 AM
That sounds like bad news, but I can wait.

I still have loads of games to play, and not as much time on my hands as I used to.

And at lest the pre-load has started, which is something.