View Full Version : EVGA Offers NEW Detonators 40.72 WHQL For all OS's

11-02-02, 08:04 AM
Looks like Nvidia Corp. is not waiting for WHQL certification of the 40.xx driver series anymore but switched attention to 41.xx. EVGA instead is now hosting WHQL certified drivers 40.72 for Windows operating systems.

WHQL Certified
Full Acceleration and support for all GeForce4 cards
Adds Support for next generation 8X AGP chipsets
NVIDIA’s patented Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) – supports all products in single a driver binary
Up to 25% performance improvement for 3D
Adds Advanced NVIEW Features
Adds PIVOT capability
Adds KEYSTONE capability


11-02-02, 09:14 AM
same as nvidia 40.72..they just extract it using an evga logo'd extractor.