View Full Version : Zalman 5.1 ZM-RS6F

08-28-04, 06:33 PM
Well I took the plunge and got me the Zalman 5.1 ZM-RS6F since I was looking for some headphones anyway for gameplay at night - I do not think my neighbors in mny apartments appreciate my Z-5300 speakers as much as I do.

I know some people dislike them but I think they are pretty good. The 5.1 sound works well hooked up to my Audigy 2 ZS Platinum. I tested these out with UT2K4, Far Cry, and Doom 3 so far.

These are pretty good considering I paid well under $100 for them.

08-28-04, 07:44 PM
Since you're using a ZS, for god sake don't use CMSS with them. It sounds really bad for some reason with those headphones.