View Full Version : Near ultimate Doom 3 playing experience

08-28-04, 06:38 PM
Well I finally got Doom 3 working in stereo 3-D with my E-dimensionsal glasses on my 6800 Ultra. Apparently there is something with the ARB2 path that the 6800 cards run on that causes textures in the game to be too dark and makes the game unplayable in 3-D. I find I can play the game if I change the renderer to the ARB path. While this option doesn't offer nearly the IQ as the ARB2 path it still looks decent to me in 3-D. Hopefully this problem with the ARB2 path will get fixed in the future.

So now I can try the game again on a higher difficulty mode play it in 3-D on my 6800 Ultra, in total darkness at night, and with my new Zalman 5.1 ZM-RS6F headphones.

08-28-04, 06:40 PM
Some pics would be cool to show this difference in texture darkness between the arb paths.