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08-29-04, 02:51 PM
I recently picked up another PNY 6800 GT for one of my computers. I was able to get it through CompUSA's replacement program when I was having problems with my old 9800 XT. I already had a PNY 6800 GT in my main system and since the Ultra is not too available, I thought it would be the best card for one of my other systems (I have 5 computers). Interestingly enough, this new 6800 GT would NOT work properly in two of my systems. I even tried it in my P4 3.0C GHz that already had another 6800 GT I bought in July that worked, and it would not give a picture. I could hear the Windows login music, but there was no picture. When I put my older 6800 GT in (also a PNY), it worked fine. I wonder if PNY has done anything to their 6800 GT cards. I noticed that the newer one had a gold strip along the side of the card. Here's a breakdown of the new card's performance in 4 of my systems:

1. P4 3.06GHz system - The older 6800 GT works fine, the newer one exhibits the problem described above. The system will post, but I hear the Windows login screen with no picture.

2. P4 3.00C GHz - The older 6800 GT works fine, the newer one has the problem described above.

3. Athlon 64 3200+ - BOTH cards work fine with this system. The newer 6800 GT now resides in this system.

4. P4 2.4GHz system - BOTH cards work fine in this system which only supports 4X AGP.

I thought the new card might only support AGP 8X motherboards, but it wouldn't work in my P4 3.0C GHz system which supports AGP 8X.

I guess it just goes to show that having more than one computer can be helpful. Some cards just don't want to work with other systems.

One final note: I tried a Radeon X800 Pro in the P4 3.06 system before and experienced the same problem as the newer 6800 GT. The X800 Pro worked in the A64 system, but it would crash during games.

The Boatman
08-29-04, 06:23 PM
Just out of curiosity, are the stickers on the respective cards different (eg Nalu or PNY's own sort)?

08-29-04, 07:26 PM
The stickers are identical. There's a gold strip along the side of the card opposite from the AGP connector