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08-30-04, 04:34 AM
Why aren't there any Raven Shield weapon mods? That was one of my favourite things about Rogue Spear: The NATO and Rooster mods. Yet I can't find a single one for Raven Shield. What's the deal?

08-31-04, 08:19 PM
http://img14.exs.cx/img14/7786/Airport_05-18-2003_002.th.jpg (http://img14.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img14&image=Airport_05-18-2003_002.jpg)

08-31-04, 08:24 PM
bah, it's because the weapon selection is actually good. actually, no. it's because in rogue spear, it's easy as hell to make weapons. in raven shield, however, it takes a lot more work and they are lazy asses. also keep in mind that rogue spear was out for quite some time before NATO came out. personally, however, i freakin hate NATO. lets hope if someone does make a weapon pack for raven shield they don't totally screw it up like nato did (no offense to you or anything for liking it). i knew the authors of NATO, they were freakin idiots.

btw, not often i see another rogue spear player... by any chance you ever play with GK_Kamel?

08-31-04, 09:20 PM
http://img14.exs.cx/img14/7786/Airport_05-18-2003_002.th.jpg (http://img14.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img14&image=Airport_05-18-2003_002.jpg)
what a great pic. NOthing like getting caught with your pants down lol :lol2:

08-31-04, 11:17 PM
"i knew the authors of NATO, they were freakin idiots."
NATO weapons made absolutely no sense, but I liked being able to pick up totally random weapons "Well, 10mm Les Baer and a GE Predator!"
Rooster mod was more realistic, and better in general.
And I understand like, weapon modeling has to be done, but considering that Raven Shield is just unreal I would figure someone could just grab some of the many Unreal weapon mods and do a little conversion work.

SWAT 3 had the easiest weapon modding I've ever seen. You just edited some numerical figures. I will never forget my Hellshooter (fully automatic shotgun that would shoot through the entire level)