View Full Version : Microsoft Photo Editor changed w/ SP2

08-30-04, 09:51 PM
With sp1 when i would double click on a photo file it would open on Microsoft photo editor. And if there were multiple photos in the folder i could press a forward or backward button on the bottom of photo editor to look through the pictures. Now with SP2 installed the photo editor no longer has forward or backward buttons on the bottom to look through all the pictures in a folder.

Any ideas?

08-30-04, 10:09 PM
For some reason, SP2 does seem to change the default viewer for most file types to 'Photo editor'. I think you meant to say that previously you were using 'Picture and Fax viewer' to view your images. In order to restore that setting, you'll want to open a folder (eg. My Documents) and at the top select TOOLS then FOLDER OPTIONS. Click the FILE TYPES tab, then scroll down to the .JPG, .JPEG file extensions and highlight them. At this point, the default viewer will be displayed (should say Microsoft Photo Editor). You'll want to select 'change' and select 'Microsoft Picture and Fax viewer' from the list of recommended applications- you may do this for other file types as you wish...