View Full Version : HELP! How do I reset a custom resolution??

08-31-04, 06:02 PM
I created a custom res. in 61.76 running Coolbit2 of 1200x900x32.

I did not get an out-of-sync error on the refresh rate from my monitor, but the screen goes black and the monitor goes into standby mode.

Now, I can't get OUT of this mode; i.e. even on reboot, once WinXP starts, the monitor goes black so I cannot reset this resolution to a standard one.

Safemode boots up fine, but needless to say, any resolution I set there does not stick.

I'm done until I can solve this... :banghead:

Please help....


08-31-04, 06:37 PM
Solved my own problem... but figure I would leave it here for someone in the future.

Hit F8 on bootup to bring up the SafeMode screen. Then select Enable VGA mode.

This forces 640x480 8bit and will let you get into Windows.