View Full Version : HDTV Output on ForceWare?

08-31-04, 11:21 PM
Does anyone here play games on their TV through their video card with using hdtv resolution (native)? I'm interested on how good the support is. I have a Leadtek 6800 GT coming here this week and I'm looking forward to playing a couple games through my TV at 1080i if possible. I know for sure the card (and the rest of my comp) is powerful enough to take the heat of such a high resolution (1920x540). If you can do this, what kind of adapter would I need. I've heard of DVI to Component video adapters, but I haven't actually seen any. Right now I've been using S-Video from my Ti4200 and picture quality isn't all that great at 1024x768, and it's pretty obvious that my TV doesn't support it natively (doesn't fill whole screen). Also, would 720p work?

BTW, my TV is a Sony 36" WEGA FD Trinitron . Supports 480p/720p/1080i and has this method of doubling the lines for like 120Hz in a way. I don't know exactly how that works or if I said it right, but picture quality at 480i on say a console like XBOX is a lot better than most other TV's I've seen.