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Cutter Slade
09-01-04, 05:56 AM

My game profiles seem to be broken, since all games I start always only use the global game profile and not the ones I assigned to them. And don't think I forgot to check the boxes at the game profiles!!! ;)

I experience this problem since I used the WindowsXP System recovery and restored an older state of my system (2 days old).

Reinstalling drivers doesn't work for me, so I ask you to tell me what to do. ;)

I know you guys know a solution!

Thanks a lot!

09-01-04, 02:35 PM
Assign settings for all your games, make sure the boxes are checked.
Keep Global Driver settings as default, and every time when you start specific game the apropriate settings will apply to. Don't forget to turn Trilinear and AF Optimisation ON!

Cutter Slade
09-03-04, 04:46 AM
They just don't work for me anymore!!! I can do whatever I want, reinstall drivers, check and uncheck the boxes and so on.... the global game profile seems to "overwrite" all my other game profiles!!!! What can I do?!

09-03-04, 09:59 AM
I have the same problem, so EVERY game I play, plays as the global profile

09-03-04, 10:10 AM
I have the same problem, wondered if it was just me.

That and with the .77 drivers (whatever are the latest on the official page) I am getting corruption at random times. When I'll exit a game all of a sudden my mouse pointer won't appear on one display (I run dual displays), it does on the other one!! I have to right click someplace on the other display and then it is visible on the invisible one.

That with sometimes display corruption - I will be trying one of the beta drivers and seeing if that helps (this is always after exiting out of a game).

Oh, and I have a 6800Ultra OC.

09-03-04, 12:13 PM
I'm running 61.77 and have no problems with it...

Let's say you assign settings for UT2004. You save profile, and you check all boxes, otherwise it will apply global settings. After you done it, pick from the list global settings and click apply, and close the window. Next time when you start UT2004 it will load settings for UT2004.

Cutter Slade
09-03-04, 12:23 PM
Doesn't work, I'm not silly and no hardware-noob. Doing this for about 5 years. ;)

09-03-04, 09:22 PM
that's just it red_star, you CANT assign settings at all!!!! everything is grayed out, and if you try an manually type in a profile, it wont accept it, it just remains blank.

09-04-04, 12:22 AM
Not for me...

I didn't try any other drivers but 61.77 since I got BFG GT OC. It works great for me. Maybe profile breaks if you try other drivers or so...registry corruption?

Cutter Slade
09-04-04, 05:05 PM
No, it's no registry corruption... I can't find any possible reason for this problem and I'm really no noob!!!!!