View Full Version : GeForce3 vs. GeForce4 in NOLF2

Sea Dragon
11-03-02, 12:08 PM
Hi everyone,

I've been playing No One Lives Forever 2, and have experienced a fair bit of slowdown with QCFSAA enabled. Here's what
I'm running:

Athlon T-bird 1.2 @ .244 (will be an Athlon XP 2000+ in a few days)
Geforce3 Ti200 oc'd to TI500 levels
512 PC2100 DDR
XP Pro

I've been casting a greedy eye on the new Albatron 128 meg Ti4200 Turbo - $185 at New Egg, shipped. However, I'm riddled by indecision - should I wait until the 9700 comes down in price or the NV30 comes out? I don't want to have to upgrade my card until at least July. I guess my primary concern is Doom 3 - I'd like to be able to get 40 FPS or so (I don't do multiplayer, so that's fine.)

Think the upgrade to the Ti4200 (I'd overclock it to 4600 levels) would be worth it?

Also, on No One Lives Forever 2 - is there any way to display the frame rate?


11-03-02, 05:20 PM
For that you'd need NV30. I think 9700 Pro can do it also, but I have no idea. Either way, if you want a new card right now, get Ti 4200, if you wanna wait for others, I'd get NV30 or R350.:D

11-04-02, 05:39 AM
I myself have a GF3 (non Ti) I dont use FSAA, just 4xanio and play at 1280*1024 or in NOLF2 1280*960. I find that the game doesnt run as fast as it should, Im thinking its the game. Im hopefully getting a NV30 early next year,just think its already Nov. it wont be much longer to wait for the NV30 ;) your also upgrading your cpu, that in its self will make a difference.

11-04-02, 07:07 AM
With the added umph of the new CPU I think you'll find that a GF4 will be a waste, wait for the NV30 or R350 as forementioned, or get a R300 when it drops.