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09-01-04, 10:34 PM
Its late I'm tired, pissed......and I have too let this out...

Confession: After all I said in Riptide's thread...I'm not really all that stable with my setup either.
From the beginning this setup has had trouble consistantly passing memtest even with the memory in full "auto SPD" at 200FSB and it would also CTD 3dm03 on "speed" runs... But I basicly blew those tests off, because it ran Prime / 3dm01 solidly + passed Sanda afew times :| .......
Ok, since I've rebuilt....I've only loaded and played Doom3, on "high" settings with AA\AF, its very vid card intensive like this and ran without a hic-up. Today I started loading and playing other apps \ games...Yep, the instabilities came roaring to the surface.....BSODs, CTDs all there in full glory..errr.....also, there's huge pauses every few minutes running any other 3d app except D3
In plain english....This board is a piece of crap. I didn't want to admitt it since I went form a totally solid P4EE setup to this POS...but its true :(

I have an MSI K8T Neo2(VIA K8T800Pro), that I used as my first 939 mobo coming back to me from newegg on an RMA for dead SATA ports. I'm most likely going to switch over too it and hope for the best...

09-01-04, 10:53 PM
Ouch... Guess I should count myself lucky just to be stable @ 200fsb then. Skt939 boards are still spotty IMO.

09-01-04, 11:16 PM
Still seems like there arent many good, stable A64 mobos out yet. S754 and 939

09-01-04, 11:54 PM
I still have to do more stress testing, but I've been doing Folding for the last 5 hours and my system has been rock solid stable. CPU temp is a bit high at 54 but I'm only running the stock cooler.

I must have really lucked out here.

09-02-04, 12:53 AM
yah sat...

:thumbsup: to you getting a stable setup going... would seem regardless of what the review sites say that you are the exception rather than the rule...

09-02-04, 06:27 AM
I still have to do more stress testing, but I've been doing Folding for the last 5 hours and my system has been rock solid stable.

sat.....What's the default mem. timings/voltage of your PMI PC3700? And, what are you running it at?

09-02-04, 06:59 AM
Default timings are 3-4-4-8. I'm running those at 1T command and stock voltage, which is 2.5 IIRC. I might try tightening those up a bit since I'm not overclocking, but I want to be absolutely sure my system is completely stable before doing so. I'm going on 12 hours of Folding, still no problems. I played Far Cry yesterday, it worked great. I still have yet to install other games.

09-02-04, 08:00 AM
Still seems like there arent many good, stable A64 mobos out yet. S754 and 939

I wouldn't say that, I haven't heard many complaints about Gigabyte's Nforce3 boards. And I certainly have no complaints about mine! :p However lately I keep hearing complaints about MSI's boards, and I'm wondering if it's a brand problem not a chipset problem.

PaiN - have you tried running your CPU at stock speed as well? I noticed in your singature you are running your FX53 over 2.6ghz. Maybe it simply doesn't wanna be overclocked. Are you certain your temps are ok and that your HSF is installed properly? Could the memory possibly be bad if it's failing memtest? Try the memory in another PC and test it, or maybe set it to a slower cas setting like cas3. Maybe you could even try lowering the speed of the memory to 166 (obviously not ideal, but try it purely for troubleshooting purposes).


09-02-04, 08:50 AM
I've done a decent amount of reading here, MSI's forums, and over at abxzone. IMO these skt939 boards aren't typically that difficult to get stable at stock FSB speeds. At 200mhz both my Abit and my MSI run like a dream. It's when you start to push the FSB that things get tricky, especially with regard to RAM.

These skt939 CPUs, especially the FX, push out a LOT of heat when you overclock them. Most FX53's can't get past a 200mhz o/c without going to water. Usually you end up putting at least 1.65vcore to get that high and boy does that start getting warm - 60c+ at load isn't uncommon there. So forget the P4 style overclocks where you can get a stable 30% increase in clocks, even on air.

One commonality here is that all of these boards including the gigabyte have temp reporting problems. Not all users are experiencing it but enough are that there's clearly some sort of problem there. The only exception that I know of is the ASUS K8T800 board. The gigabyte supposedly just got a BIOS that helps with it's extremely low temps but the others haven't taken care of it yet. Abit is pathetic, they're still on a release BIOS for their board and it's been out for over a quarter now I believe.

09-02-04, 09:49 AM

09-02-04, 10:43 AM
I've been plugging away all morning.....to get a good handle on what's going on, since I've chosen to ignore it all this time.

I found a few things...
1. The board is undervolting Vdimm in "Auto" if I set it to 2.7v I can pass hours of memtest @ SPD (cl2.5 3-3-7 T1) and run 3dm03
2. This memory will not tolerate cl2 at any FSB or Vdimm up to 2.85v. I've tried 200FSB cl2 2.85v but, memtest fails quickly and 3dm03 CTDs
3. 3dm03 pauses on every test.....with "fast writes" -enabled and =2D-3D OCs. The score is (drivers full performance) 7500-8000 :\
I'm going to disable "fast writes" and report back......

09-02-04, 12:11 PM
When I switched over to amd64, i got a msi nforce 3 neo platinum (754) and it was a pos, constant restarts........so i rma'd it back to newegg and got a asus k8n-e deluxe nforce 3 mobo and it's been perfect ever since, I'm not sure if i'll ever go back to Pentium, although the 1066 fsb does sound tempting ;)

09-02-04, 12:33 PM
I'm going back to the P4EE...I still have it here...Its beastly fast and OC friendly....and stable...honestly sometimes I'd like to kick myself in the ass :retard:

09-02-04, 01:09 PM
Raising the white flag eh? Can't say I blame you. If I hadn't at least been able to run stable at stock I would've done the same. You shouldn't have to pour 16 hours of troubleshooting into getting these things running. I feel like a beta tester sometimes. ;)

09-02-04, 01:12 PM
Giving up because you gotta run an FX53 at stock speed? Why? You can't tell me a stock speed FX53 is slow can you? Have you actually tried stock speed and was it more stable that way?

09-02-04, 01:13 PM
I'm going back to the P4EE...I still have it here...Its beastly fast and OC friendly....and stable...honestly sometimes I'd like to kick myself in the ass :retard:

well... I did kinda suggest you stick to your setup when you wanted to upgrade from the EE a coupla weeks ago....

just wanted to say...

I told you so :wong:

j/k :D

09-02-04, 01:17 PM
Eish... :afraid:

I've been following the threads on the MSI K8N NEO2 here and everywhere else. I've noticed some conflicting results, though one thing in common is the misread of the temps.

It appears that the person(s) who purchased: Crucial Ballistix PC3200/4000 or OCZ PC3500 EB or 3700 EB are having the best results with overclocking.

I've recently visted the MSI Forums> http://forum.msi.com.tw/thread.php?threadid=55374&threadview=0&hilight=&hilightuser=0&page=30

and the XtremeSystems.org Forums:> http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=41487

Judging by the pervious K8N NEO and K8T's results, as well as the feedback from various forums, I assume this is *still a great motherboard that offers a great deal of overclockability.

Hope your luck turns around guys. Hopefully those links may help you. :)

09-02-04, 01:20 PM
Its what kept me away from MSI with my NF3 mainboard, my K8T experience. Firstly, my system wouldn't boot at all, the ram was apparently not sitting well, eventhough they were perfectly installed. When my system finally started, my 1GB of ram wouldn't run at rated speeds, so I had to run at DDR333. Once I touched my ram sticks, they would apparently get out of place, and the system wouldn't boot again! But all is better now with my K8N-E.

09-02-04, 01:36 PM
I so far have been unable to get my system to run prime for over an hour with 240x10. I really hope this RAM I have coming from mushkin (pc4000) and the ocz (3700EB) I'm getting from a guy on abxzone iron that problem out.

Ideally I'd like to run 250x10. It sure hasn't been easy so far.

09-02-04, 01:39 PM
have you had any official feedback from msi on the issue? not that I expect you did but just in case...

09-02-04, 01:46 PM
Man that sucks with all the problems you all are having. I got a S940 Asus SK8V motherboard running a FX-53 and while I am saddled with registered memory I think this motherboard is fabulous. I know a lot of people getting decent overclocks on their boards with some voltage tweaks and such.

I run mine at a mild 206mhz and do not have any increased voltages or cooling. Hopefully these issues will get ironed out for you all somehow.

I'll sacrifice a litter of kittens to the Old Ones for you all!


09-02-04, 02:41 PM
Just a comment of not being able to run cl2 at any speed. Im currently testing prime @ 2-3-2-10 217 x 10 2.8v and 3 hours and counting still ok. I got my ram booster btw, i just have it set to match my bios so far. I just redid my CPU install, so im going to give it a few days to settle down then i'll play with it. At least theres a nice red LED in my case now :)

09-02-04, 03:36 PM
I had a lot of hassle getting my athlon64 rig running at stock without the same kind of errors, CTD's, 3dm03 freezes, memtest fails, and i tracked it down to two things:

1. Same psu as my old system, but new cpu and mobo, i had to clock down my 6800GT from 400/1100 to 375/1100, despite on my previous setup it running perfectly fine at 400/1100, D3D apps would hiccup with the new cpu/mobo. if i disable fast writes i can run the 400/1100, so this might be an issue with agp fast writes through the on-cpu memory controller, try setting your video card to stock clock speeds, at least temporarily to remove that factor from the instability cause.

2.The above stopped 3dm03 pausing, but i still got CTD's and general application instability. This turned out to be an SPD issue with the RAM, at 200mhz fsb my bios read the SPD settings for the ram incorrectly, the trd/trc/etc, of course i didn't know to even look for this, and only noticed by chance when i set the fsb to 166 and achieved stability that all the auto-detected timings in the bios were different. Manually setting the SPD values for my ram to the 166fsb SPD values and then changing the fsb to 200 things became perfectly stable. The fsb now runs happily at 240mhz and even undervolted. Note the 166 SPD info isn't 'loose', it's the actual correct data.

Essentially i think the A64 on-chip memory controller still has some mild compatibility issues depending on your RAM/mobo combination. Try the above and see where it gets you, i've got my crashing-at-stock-speeds initial setup overclocking like a champ now. Just took a couple of days of patient research to figure out the problem.

For a bit more detail, search for a thread called "new system build troubles".

09-02-04, 03:46 PM
This FX at 2.6ghz (200x13) with the 6800GT in the sig runs a 3Dm03 of 12700-12900. While the last 3dm03 I ran on my EE at 3.6ghz(225x16) with the same card & settings was 13100 and that's not even the best I've scored with it...my everyday speed for the EE was 3.7ghz and it could max out at 3.85ghz
Not only this, but Doom3 definately has big FPS dipps....I've never actually noticed them while I was playing on the EE...but with the FX (same game settings) they are glairing.....
I been in total denial.....but this was one of the dumbest upgrades I've ever made.

09-02-04, 03:56 PM
Did you try it at stock speed yet or not? Is it stable at stock speed? If it is stable at stock speed, then quit complaining, the Athlon64 S754 may overclock well but perhaps the Athlon64FX socket 939 does not. But regardless of that the FX is still damn fast and it doesn't make a frigin difference what 3dmark2k3 says especially because 3dmark2k3 is more based on your video card than CPU. Please answer my question.