View Full Version : cursor problem in game

09-03-04, 12:21 AM
I play never winter nights 1.62. ever since I added a second monitor, the cursor in game flickers when moved, and dissapears when not moving. IF i disable the second monitor (major PITA), problem goes away. I have NOT tried everything yet. There are still several reg settings, mouse drivers, game settings, etc. to try. Hopefully I wont have to spend 3 weeks trying everything, cause someone already has the solution?
Current system is
Dell Dimension 8100
P4 1.7Ghz
pc800 non-ecc rdram 512mb
pny geforce4 ti4200 8xAGP 64mb
latest nvidia drivers 61.77
windows 2000 sp4 (all the latest hotfixes)
logitech cordless wheel mouse (older mouse) 9.76 drivers
main display connected to geforce4 card with a DVI-I to analog adapter (belkin F2E4162, cheaper ones wont work right).
second display connected to analog connector