View Full Version : FS: Ti4200 64MB- GameBoy SP with cracked screen

09-03-04, 11:02 PM
MSI Ti4200 64MB - Card is in excellent condition and has not seen much use of late. $65 shipped.



GameBoy Advace SP with cracked screen. You can here the sound of whatever game is in it and the back-lit screen is still very bright but you cannot see anything. Makes a great flashlight because the screen is very bright or can be sent in for repairs. $26 shipped.


Willing to trade the Ti for good DVD's and the gameboy for a mint condition FarCry with box. Pay-Pal non credit card preferd.

You can e-mail me at LiquidX at verizon.net but I would rather a PM. And if you must please e-mail me at minfuntion at gmail.com.

09-05-04, 01:43 AM

Adding a Game Boy Advance.

Platinum Game Boy Advance - System works great and has the battery cover but needs tape to stay on. There some scratches on the back and one above the view of the screen which is other wise clear of marks that would hinder play. Includes the game Metroid Fusion. $38 shipped. [SOLD]

**Note! The scratches on the back and the flip which is broken on the battery cover**

Ti4200 [SOLD]

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