View Full Version : DFI Socket 939

09-04-04, 07:00 PM
Does anybody have any idea when DFI will release a S939 mobo?

09-04-04, 07:54 PM
I read that they are delaying to release one w/pci express support. So it may be a while yet.

09-04-04, 08:30 PM
Will they maybe be NF4 w/ PCI-E and AGP?

09-05-04, 02:13 AM
why the hell delay it?

it looks good on paper for agp as is...


09-05-04, 02:23 AM
Sorry, it was a cancellation not a delay. If what I heard is truth there will be no skt939 agp DFI nforce3 board. They are supposedly going to release a skt939 w/pci express support but it's down the road a ways.