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09-05-04, 04:19 AM
I have a Lexmark Z515 USB printer.
I am useing Xp pro
I don't have the original cd that came with the printer.
I have downlaoded the driver from Lexmark for this printer and the name of the file is CJA510EN.exe.
Windows update doesn't have any drivers.

I have tried the following steps:
-extracting it, and manually adding drivers via the device manager, uninstall, and adding it again, plus updateing driver then directing it to the inf file.
-manaully running the setup.exe
-right clicking the .inf file, going to install, then running the setup.exe
-rebooting to safe mode, and trying all the above steps

What it does is, when I go to the setup, it goes to thew welcome screen, I hit agree, it goes the the next step wich is "prepareing to copy files needed to install" then starts copying, or says it is, then a split second later, it bails out, and kicks back to the desktop.

I am at a loss here, so if anyone has any clue as to waht to do to get this printer installed, please feel free to help, I'de be most greatful.

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09-05-04, 08:14 AM
Well I got my printer installed, but I gotta say the way lexmark set it up to install, is truely ignorant.
I did all the above, and ended up finally going into update drivers, and instead of selecting the folder the inf file was in, I hit don't select, then went to the list of companies, then hit "have disk" and then browsed to the folder with the inf in it, and hit ok.
What's different about that way and the other way, (just going to the folder the inf is in) I have NO clue, something about how Lexmark wrote the inf file I guess, no clue really, but it's installed now.