View Full Version : Help with Gigabyte GA-8SG667

11-04-02, 06:25 AM
Hi All,

Im not sure if this is a feature fo this motherboard or not, in the manual it says you can do it but im stuck!!

i cant monitor the cpu temp!!!

can anyone help?

11-04-02, 07:45 AM
Do you mean that there's no display of CPU temperature in your BIOS? Or are you talking about monitoring it in Windows?

If you're talking about Windows, you can download Motherboard Monitor 5 from www.majorgeeks.com It works great for me. :)

11-04-02, 07:50 AM
its not displaying in my bios wich i find a little weird!! also does not show up in easytune 4.

i will take a look at mb monitor, thanks for that.

any clues on why its not showing the temp in the bios?

11-04-02, 11:13 PM
There must be some mistake...

The revision 1 8sg667 has no hardware monitoring support other than for fan speeds. No temperature or voltage monitoring. Revision 2 boards have support for that but they aren't widely available yet.

I know because I had a revision 1 board and I keep up with the forums over @ asusboards...

Got me a p4pe and so far I've been pretty happy with it.

11-05-02, 02:13 AM
so im stuck then, ah well nevermind. considering its got alot of overclocking options i cant see why they missed it off.

Thanks anyway.