View Full Version : 2.4 533 in a i925 abit board?

09-06-04, 01:39 PM
My friend has a 2.4B and he wants to upgrade to maybe one of the new PCI express boards for intel. We figured his best bet to upgrade would be just to get a new motherboard and a 6600 PCI instead of buying a new cpu mobo and video card. Will he have a problem with it or is he gonna need to upgrade his ram to DDR2 and get a 800mhz version of a processor? Any suggestions on a i925 board if it does work? Any ideas on what might give him the best bang for his buck? Thanks

09-06-04, 01:50 PM
There is a few versions of that board that still use the same DDR1 memory.

He will need to upgrade his processor. Its an entirely new pinless socket. He needs to upgrade to a 775 socket. Not even an 800mhz socket 478 would work.


09-06-04, 02:04 PM
Thanks, think hes just gonna wait.