View Full Version : Test 6800 for artifacts

09-07-04, 10:41 AM
i want to test my 6800 Ultra for artifacts.
Whats the most intensive test i could run on it?
ATI have ATI tool
do nvidia users have a similar program


09-07-04, 10:51 AM
Doom 3 is a pretty good game to test for artifacts. The textures really screw up if theres something wrong. 3DMark03 also works good.

09-07-04, 11:15 AM
run rthdrbl full screen - it will show up any artifacts very quickly =)

09-07-04, 02:24 PM
3DMark2003 is the best way to check for artifacts . yep i tried ATi tool but its not as good because in the time i'm having artifacts on 3Dmark2003 , i didnt have any on ATi tool which means its not accurate .

Game 3,4 & RagTroll are the best way to check for artifacts as i experianced ... if you dont have any artifacts on them .. then you are good to go .