View Full Version : Anyone have an extra 6800GT fan?

09-07-04, 02:55 PM
I have a 6800GT on which the fan seems to have died. I was wondering if anyone out there, particularly those who might have gone with an NV Silencer or water cooling might have a spare stock GT fan they could give/sell to me. I really love this card, and I hate not being able to use it because the temps hit 140C in no time without the fan running. Many, many thanks to anyone who might have a spare fan and is willing to help me out.

09-07-04, 03:11 PM
Have you tried contacting the mfgr of yer card? They should be able to help you out since its prolly still under warranty.

09-07-04, 03:18 PM
For various reasons, that can't really be done with this card. So I'm still looking for one if anyone has one lying around! :o

09-07-04, 04:16 PM
On the same note, if anyone knows of a good aftermarket solution for a GT that is in stock and reasonably priced somewhere (ie, no gouging on an NV silencer 5 that no one has in stock), I'm very open to those suggestions as well!

09-07-04, 07:49 PM
There was another thread about the NV5Silencer and the linked price was like $39 check through the next few pages or do a search for that thread

09-08-04, 12:15 PM
Bump :nanahump:

09-08-04, 03:33 PM
3dcool.com has it for $29.. i placed my order on 9/7... i didnt get an email saying it was backorder, but i just checked the site and its backorder now.. =(

09-08-04, 05:45 PM
A very simple and very cheap solution is to remove the face plate covering the heatsink, there are only a few small screws, then tie up a fan (size unrestricted) to the video card (I had used single strand small guage wire) to the bottom of the card. The only cost to you is the fan. Higher speed fans with higher cfm's will give you excellant results, but may seem too noisy, if your hyper critical about noise. There are many extra holes in the 6800gt, more than I've seen in any other v/c. I had gotten excellant results just by using AS 5 and using a 80mm 75cfm fan (same fan on Thermaltake Volcano 11+). My idle temp was around 48, and load temp was around 62. Now I'm using a full size copper cpu hs with awsome results (41/52).

09-08-04, 05:53 PM
By "tie up a fan" do you literally mean tie a fan onto the card, as in with string/plastic? I had thought of screwing a fan onto the card, but I can't find one lying around that lines up well enough with enough of the holes on my card, but I hadn't thought of this.

09-08-04, 06:10 PM
Yes, I mean literally "tie" up a fan. It may not look pretty, but I'd rather do it this way, than pay good $$$, for a gigantic aftermarket product that gives me mediocre results. The wire I used was coated, not bear metal, small enough to fit through the holes in the card. By "tying" up the fan, you are not limited to the size of the fan you can use, and it is very easy to position the fan any way you want. Naturally, you don't want the fan centered over the v/c hs because there is always an airflow dead spot in the center of all normal fans (where the hub is), so by tying, you can offset the fan, to give the hs max airflow.

09-08-04, 06:16 PM
Well I did find someone to send me a new GT fan, but in the meantime I'm trying the tying thing... we'll see how it goes! Thanks for the advice! :clap:

09-08-04, 06:40 PM
I took the fan that was on my 6800gt (PNY), and powered it up while it was off the v/c, and found the airflow to be quite abisimal at the most. The very, very, tiny fan blades put out 20 + - cfm's at most, which would explain why stock setups reach 85-90+ degrees under load. Even the premium coolers coming on some of the very high priced ultra 6800's don't do much better most of the time. The 6800's gpu's, plain and simply, require a "big chunk" of copper and some "real good" airflow to get them running nice and cool. Good luck, glad you found yourself a fan.

09-08-04, 07:39 PM
You know, I never would have thought tieing a fan to a video card with wires would work, but my temps actually ARE better now than they were with the stock fan. Unfortunately, the fan I'm using now is also about 4x as loud, so I'll probably go back when my new fan gets here, but hey, I learned something new today!