View Full Version : Massive Internet speed decrease due to Wireless Connection?

09-08-04, 12:20 AM
We just got Wireless Internet Connection in our dorm room with a router my roommate bought. However, our speed has decreased by a lot. Why is this? And this is not when everyone is using the Internet, only one person.

09-08-04, 12:25 AM
Okay, I just did a speed test from DSL Reports and it seems that my upload speed is the same as before but my download speed has slowed down a lot.

09-08-04, 12:27 AM
You shouldn't notice any web-browsing differences with a strong wireless connection. Check to make sure the signal strength is high, as your speeds can sometimes drop to as low as 2mbps to ensure adequate relability with a low-quality signal. If the signal is good, then there's really no technical reason why you would notice a decrease in browsing speed, unless your internet connection would be ungodly fast.

09-08-04, 12:29 AM
You need to disabled NIC card or onboard NIC then your wireless download speed will return to full speed. Shared wired and wireless in the same PC caused wireless speed to drop. :)

09-08-04, 12:33 AM
Oops, I just noticed that my roommate was using the Internet in his room. :p

That could explain why my speed got slow.

09-08-04, 12:58 AM
wireless adds in tons of variable..

one time, I had a perfect signal, and everything looked right pings were good, but my transfer rates were horrible.. it was just some wireless fluke in the air.

i'm back to wires on my main computer.

09-08-04, 03:09 AM
Oops, I just noticed that my roommate was using the Internet in his room. :p

That could explain why my speed got slow.

Yeah it depend on your roommate, I wonder what the full speed your roommate is subscibed? I got 750k connection speed, sometime my dad used the laptop to accessed to internet with wireless PC card, it download at full 750k p/s while I browsed internet, internet pages are very small as 5k p/s, it perfect. It seem likely your roommate are download very large files maybe from file sharing, that will caused your wireless speed slowdown because it used all the speed need to download large file your roommate used.

09-10-04, 09:40 AM
I have a question: Why are you using a wireless router in your dorm room anyway? Even with only a 25ft Ethernet cable, you should be able to reach anywhere in your dorm room no problem. So why would you trade the solid reliable connection of a Cat-5/6 cable for an unreliable wireless connection, especially in such a small space.
IMHO wireless networks suck, and it will be a long time before I replace my beloved wired network.