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09-09-04, 03:20 AM

i got a Aopen Aeolus 6800GT DV256 last week and im having some problems with it.

i get weird image corruption especially when i alter something in the motherboards bios then save and exit the bios..

the boot screen appears but its a garbled image of purple red and blue... and the picture splits in half horizontally. (wish i could take a picture to show it)

other times when loading a game, say Battlefied Vietnam the image gets garbled again into black and white pixels...

so far ive tried the 61.77 drivers which were totally unstable, games crashed after 10 minutes.

the 66.00 were slightly better but crashed after 30 minutes of gaming.

now im on the 65.73 drivers which are much more stable in game with no crashing, but the garbled text happens more often.

system specs:
windows xp pro sp2
nforce drivers 4.27
directx 9.c

XP Barton 2500+ (mobile) @2.2ghz (11*200fsb)
Epox 8RDA+ (v2.1)
1Gb PC3200 Twinmos (winbond) (2x512mb / Timings 2,3,3,11)
Aopen Aeolus 6800GT DV256
Western Digital 80gb hard drive (8mb cache)
Maxtor 120gb hard drive (8mb cache)
Sony CDRW 32/16/32
Sony DVD-rom 16x
20w ThermalTake PSU
Thermalright SLK800a

09-09-04, 09:35 AM
Are you sure the fan is spinning on the card? When my GF4 Ti4200 fan failed BFV went first into purple garble, then black and white scenery then the card melted :(

So check for heat, then try enabling fast writes if you didnt already.

09-09-04, 10:21 AM
im pretty sure the fan is spinning, theres a new whinning noise :D
i willl check tonight, also currently.

fastwrites = disabled
sba = enabled.

09-11-04, 10:14 AM
i sorted the problem.

i upped the agp voltage from 1.5v to 1.8v and all problems have gone.

will it cause any problems/damage at 1.8v?