View Full Version : Skewed up my motherboard bios flash help!!!

09-09-04, 07:16 AM
Seems I have skrewed up my motherboard flash. I have a k8n pro and I flashed from f11 to f12. I get flash memory unknown when booting into windows. I can boot into windows fine though my memory is at 333mhz instread of 400mhz. When I try to reflash to f11 bios it says error erasing flash memory. Am I skewed? Do I need a new motherboard?

Can someone delete my other post sorry, accidently posted twice. My hands are shaking :(

09-10-04, 04:01 AM
Umm.. don't Gigabyte boards have dual BIOS? Can't you revert back to the other BIOS chip or flash from there or however it works?