View Full Version : Maximum resolution in Tiger Woods 2003?

11-04-02, 06:31 PM
Does anyone know if it is possible to set the resolution of EA Tiger Woods 2003 to 1600x1200? This setting is not available in-game...

I can't find the file that holds the selected resolution. Maybe I can manually set it.


11-04-02, 07:58 PM
If you're talking about the demo, I think they lock the max resolution at 1280*1024...


11-04-02, 08:29 PM
Nope, talking about the full retail and it is also maxed out at 1280*1024...

This is ridiculous, as I play NHL 2002/2003 at 1600x1200 and there is much, much more going on.

I want 1600x1200!!!