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11-04-02, 11:16 PM
...for this rig?

My old car is finally giving up on me so I need to raise a little cash for a new(er) one. I'm thinking I might get rid of my back up pc to raise a bit of extra money. Anyone have any opinions of what I could ask for it?
I'm in Canuckland so keep that in mind when giving your estimate.

P3 550
Bx440 motherboard
256mb pc100
10gb ata33 fijitsu or 20 maxtor ata66 HDs (buyers choice but will affect price)
40x samsung cd rom
64mb Radeon VIVO
Aopen 5.1 soundcard
15" Sony Trinitron (still a beautiful monitor, eventhough small by todays standards)
350 watt PSU
generic case

This little rig has been a trooper but I need wheels before I need a backup pc. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

11-04-02, 11:54 PM
try ebay..look for comparable systems and the prices they are going for. ebay has some pretty gullible buyers. i'd say 300 is reasonable if you sell everything together. seperately you could possibly make more..

11-05-02, 08:55 AM
you might make a little more money seperately. That video card of your is a decent one, and might land you about $70us to an uneducated buyer. But ya, for that system no more than $250 to $300us. Reason being is you can get a full AthlonXP system for only $319us

11-05-02, 11:59 AM
Yeah but look at the **** in that system...now this P3 this guy is asking about here now that's some good quality components! I'd say maybe $150-$200 for the system, and you can get a good deal for the monitor seperately.

11-05-02, 01:58 PM
Well you could probably ask along the lines of 400 to 500 canadian since i have seen some p2 300 systems selling refurbished from some canadian stores around here for 300 and they didn't have as decent of guts.

11-07-02, 04:20 PM
Well, I've had to redesign the system I'll be selling as the 440bx board crapped out the otherday. New items in will be a 1.33ghz/266fsb Athlon and a sub $100.00 socket 462 mobo and a Thermaltake Volcano 2 or 3 aluminum HSF. And 128-256mb of 266DDR. All other things will stay the same. Any ideas on what that would fetch?