View Full Version : Asus V9999GE/6800 in general, far cry probs?

09-10-04, 02:23 PM
I have an Asus V9999GE (essentially a GT with 12 pipes), and with the stock Asus drivers, and the nVidia 61.76s/61.77s far cry looks and runs like crap! With my Radeon 9700pro it ran much better and looked better too, now its really bright and angular looking...the textures just aren't what they were and the lighting is like staring at a halogen bulb. any known issues or even a fix?

just finished nvidia friendly doom 3 though, that looked incredible all the way through :D

09-10-04, 02:34 PM
did u install patch 1.1?

09-10-04, 02:39 PM
I have the same card and Far Cry looks great. Try moving the system.cfg file from the Far Cry directory to somewhere else(for safety's sake) and let the game auto config.

Also, when you remove nVidia drivers you have to clean up afterwards. Search for Driver Cleaner 3.2, install that, and read the readme.txt file and closely follow the directions.

I've tried a lot of different driver sets and the nVidia 65.76 have been the best so far. You can get them from guru3d.com http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=860

Good luck

09-10-04, 02:45 PM
This'll sound pretty noobie, but nope, I haven't. I'll do that now. My cable is shared between 7 computers and so downloads can take time...and I'll have to update all the other coms to keep the dm going!

I'll ask one more question come to think of it: smartdoctor (packaged software) causes BSOD after a restart on my com, gives an error like "PAGE_ERROR_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_SECTOR", sounds like it should be a RAM problem (or virtual memory although i doubt it)...which is a pain because the software is actually really good before i have to restart! Asus have yet to get back to me on this; its definately at least indirectly that one piece of software that causes the error :(

edit, cheers too JRd1st, i'll go there now and get on those...i've been on ATI long enough to be out of touch with nvidia.

09-10-04, 04:10 PM
can't answer your second question but it's important to install patch 1.1 because 1.0 doesn't support the nv40. this is why the game looks that crappy. the best thing u could do is installing patch 1.2 which offers sm3 support :ORDER:

09-10-04, 05:07 PM
is 1.2 out yet?...i could only see 1.1, but it (+ those guru3d drivers) has indeed sorted out the graphical nasties though. thanks muchly for that.

if only i could sort out my tv card now i'd be set! hasn't worked since i installed this graphics card...but i can hack that tomorrow, bulldozer tactics; that harddisk is gonna become a labotomised version of its former self :ORDER:

09-11-04, 05:03 AM
I install patch 1.2 and it made a lot of differenc to me I gain about 8 to 10 FPS in the game running the sm30 path.

09-11-04, 09:05 AM
I see, I read around a little and it's been recalled...i'll check out bittorrent for a d/l...checking out the hardOCP screenies it does look much nicer, and if it runs better too then thats just dandy ;)