View Full Version : Motherboard.......maybe?

09-10-04, 07:49 PM
My friend has an e-machine. When windows tries to load the cpu fan shuts down and the hard drive light stays on so does the psu. Could this be the motherboard or the cpu fan? I tried mm5 to get temps but it does not support the motherboard

e-machine T1742
intel 1.7
It has a trigen mobo intel 875gl chipset

09-10-04, 08:01 PM
Might be thermal shutdown? Does the fan on the CPU spin? Has the heatsink been placed on it properly? It doesnt take long for a CPU to overheat if its not being cooled properly. Im not too familiar with intel boards, sorry.

09-10-04, 08:04 PM
The fan on the cpu spins but once windows starts loading it cuts out and the screen goes blank. The computer is one year old