View Full Version : my 6800 is screwed up...i think

09-10-04, 10:37 PM
Ok guys, I've got a bfg 6800gt and the NV5 silencer and I'm having a few problems with artifacts and lockups at seemingly innocent clock speeds.

With the bfg, I was running at 420/1.10 and it was fine. Temps maxed out at 73*C

I swaped on the NV5 and then upped the clock speed to 450/1.20 and all was fine. Then just out of nowhere (literally) I started getting massive artifacts and lockups in games.

I was puzzled because the temps weren't going over 65*C. I tried backing the ram all the way down to 1.1 where it was before. Still got artifacts. Backed the core back down to 420. STILL got artifacts!?!

took it down to 400 and 1ghz ram. Finaly stable. Temps are at 56*C idle and no artifacts...but this sucks...

Any ideas?? I tried putting the bfg cooler back on and it still scrwed up until I broght it back down to 400mhz.

Would a bios flash to up the voltage fix this??? I hven't damaged the card physically that I know of and the artic silver is giving a good connection between the cooler and the card. This blows!! :bash:
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09-11-04, 01:45 AM
From what I understand, your card will now always artifact at those speeds. Next time when you OC, do it in small increments like 10 mhz at a time, so as to prevent this "damage."

Magnum PC
09-11-04, 07:58 AM
What type of Thermal material did you use to mate up surfaces? If you used AS5 it generally thins out too much if the HS is not lapped perfectly. AS3 or ceramique since it does not thin as much works better on non-lapped HS if they are out of wack.

Generally you would see this after a few days since it takes time for all thermal compounds to walk to their final destination after cooling/heating.

Just something else to think of before thinking the card is not good or stable. Yes it's a pain the in butt to take out and reapply TC but it's worth a shot. I've seen it many times with aftermarket GPU fans.

09-13-04, 09:19 AM
I tried it with a thicker thermal paste that I got with the Arctic cooler and it still screws up. I did this friday. It runs fine up until 406 then it screws up. I can raise the mem as high as 1020 before it screws up.

Now, It runs fine at 406/1010 which is where it's at now. I played non stopped all day sat at our LAN but if I go to sleep with the nvidia glowing orb screen saver, when I wake up, the screen is all garbled and locked up. :(
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09-13-04, 10:36 AM
There's not much point in overclocking it to 450mhz anyway, as the GPU will power throttle over 435mhz. That is why the Ultra has two molexes instead of one.

09-13-04, 11:15 AM
quick question. Would flashing the bios to ultra bios cure my problem? As in, if it had more power going to it would that help? honestly, I can happily live with it the way it is now. Heck, by the time games honestly give the card a hard time, I'll have switched over to PCI-E but the mere fact that it's doing this out of nowhere is driving me nuts. :(
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