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09-11-04, 12:32 AM
Hi all,

I'm posting the below for a friend, can anyone help him out with some suggestions / assistance or a solution. Thanks.

I got a 6800u a couple of weeks ago, at the same time replaced my monitor with a flat panel, an Iiyama Prolite E511S due to the untimely demise of my faithful CRT 1 week out of warranty no less!

Anyway, i really love both. But i have a problem. I have what at first apears to be a similar symptom to when you have hdd accessing during a game, every second or so the game will drop a frame. This is like clockwork, its not random its at the same interval. It depends on the game how bad it is, but its pretty noticable when in flying spectator mode in UT2004 it isnt smooth, every so often a slight jerk. I had put this down to driver bugs, and the already reported elsewhere, 6800 series pausing issues etc, but i have tried about a dozen drivers and all the bios' that have been recommended on assorted forums.

I finally got somewhere when a friend masterfully suggested i forced my monitor refresh rate. at 1600x1200 the maximum windows will let me set is 60hz but at 1280x1024 and lower 75 is available. If i select 75hz and drop to a lower resolution, it goes away, the game as a whole doesnt quite feel so smooth, but the periodic pauses go away.

Yesterday when playing with some advanced monitor timings, i could achieve similar results at 1600x1200 by setting a refresh of 61hz. Less smooth feeling but no pauses. However after exiting a game, windows looses the ability to display 1600x1200 and drops to 1600x900, and i have to remove the refresh fix and reboot for it to come back. So that isnt practical, and i am not convinced i like the less smooth feel better to the pausing.

Just to add, in UT2004 it doesnt matter whether i have v-sync on or off its still there, just i get tearing with it off.

Could someone tell me why any of this should be necessary, is it a known problem? Is there a cure. Is this what "use alternative dvi mode" in the old ATI drivers fixes? Cause im pretty stumped at the moment, i would like the smoothness of 60hz at 1600x1200 but at the moment seems just out of my reach!

Thanks for reading and any ideas you may have.

04-25-05, 08:48 AM
Did you find any anwser to this, as I am having the exact same problem? I can only get a monitor swap from Iiyama which I'm not entirely convinced will fix the issue....