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09-11-04, 09:00 PM

I have a Newcastle 3000+(non overclocked), PNY 6800GT (non overclocked), 1GB ram, Sound Blaster Audigy ZS, KV8 Pro(I just replaced a MSI NEO with the ABIT) and a new Antec 430w power supply.

During game play, Americas Army or Tribes Venagnce, the computer will frezze or re-boot. I have looked at the system log in the Event Viewer and everytime this happens this si the message:

the nec pci to USB enhanced host controller service failed t ostart deu to the follwoing error:

The service cannot be started, either because it is diabled or beacuse it has no enabled devices associated with it.

Now, I have a microsoft USB optical mouse, USB HP Printer, USB for my sony camera(cable is plugeed in but camera is not hooked up), USB cable for Nokia phone (phone not plugged in).

Any help is appreciated



09-12-04, 03:40 AM
Check your CPU Temp while playing the game. It should be much over 50 and for not much over 60 degrees. Also keep an eyo on your voltage rails. I don't think it's the PSU though since this antec should do just fine.
Also check if any other devices are on the cable you connected the GT to.
The GT needs it'S own cable. If you split it and connectd DVD burners or HDs with the very same one it can cause instability since the 6800 sucks a lot power allready.